The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 15 to Aug. 22 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.




Hedley D. Logan and Annie D. Logan to Thomas L. Resek and Kristin A. Resek.


Janet E. McKay Est. to Iris M. Dougherty, Janetta Jennings, John R. Jennings, Thomas Jeffery Jennings, George H. Jennings III, Thomas W. McKay III and Kathryn McKay McGlamery.



William Curtis Stifler III, Robert Bailey Stifler and David Evens Stifler to Outer Reach LLC.



Owls Head


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, National Default REO Services Attorney and First American Asset Closing Services Attorney to Francine A. Fuller.


Tiffany B. Andrews to Mark P. Hilliard.





Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Robin Wood.


Holiday Properties of Fort Myers Inc. to Robert P. Wheeler III and Sandra C. Wheeler.


Kim A. Dormandy to Stephen P. Miller.


Suzanne L. Waters Estate to Paula L. McMahon and Michael G. McMahon.


James C. Leach to Jeffrey Cash Jr. and Meagan Cash.





Jeffrey N. Gallagher and Suzanne M. Gallagher to Mathew R. Dingle and Sarah L. Dingle.


Paul F. Neely and Eunice Ann Neely to Eunice Ann Neely Trust, Paul F. Neely Trust and Neely Irrevocable Trust.


Thaddeus J. Hudzik and Janice E. Hudzik to Edward F. Podlovits and Helga Simpson.



St. George


Hennessey Wright LLC. to Douglas A. Rhinehart.


Seth A. Mathiau, Amanda Brown, Amanda L. Davis and Michael J. Mathiau to Michael J. Mathiau and Victoria M. Mathiau.




South Thomaston


Elsie N. Brown to Wayne A. Brown Trust, Elsie N. Brown Living Trust and Elsie N. Brown Trust.


Quentin W. Quereau and Gay D. Quereau to Quentin W. Quereau Trust and Quereau Family Trust.


Amy R. Payson Estate to Neil Payson, Lisa Payson, Timothy Payson and Joy Wyatt.


Neil Payson, Lisa Payson, Timothy Payson and Joy Wyatt to Roberta E. Winchell Trust and Amy R. Payson Irrevocable Trust.





Carl B. Erickson Jr. to Daniel W. Senecal.





Fredrick M. Reed Estate to John Feingold and Nancy Seligson.


Christian B. Kolofsky to Round Turn Management LLC.





Mechanics Savings Bank to Jonathan Koski.


Darius Jonason and Patricia Jonason to Adam Bullard.


Gerald Kibildis and Victoria Kibildis to Daniel J. Kane and Susan M. Kane.


Dorothy C. Flynn to Vincent Zerveskes and Sharon Zerveskes.


Sherrill Arey, Juanita Arey and Juanita Worcester to Richard M. Butler.


Anthony I. Arey to Samuel W. Giustra.


Elizabeth Fischer to Samuel W. Giustra.





Thomas E. Harriman and Jill A. Harriman to Prock Marine Company.