"Edna Denoncourt doesn't just aim for excellence, she sets the bar for Excellence Always. She is patient, kind, respectful, asks intelligent meaningful questions, has a calming voice when people call in or are frustrated and she follows all interactions to completion."

This is just one of many words of praise by Edna Denoncourt's colleagues at Pen Bay Information Services in support of her nomination as the August Employee of the Month.

Denoncourt, now a support specialist, began her career at Pen Bay in 1989. From her start working in housekeeping administration, she moved to data processing and night operations. She now covers the Help Desk for Information Services, as well as a variety of other administrative tasks when extra assistance is needed.

Denoncourt holds herself to the highest standards. Even after she has been assigned a help desk ticket to another staff member, she will follow up to ensure the problem has been completed. After the ticket is closed, she also attempts to learn from each experience to better troubleshoot issues when repeat problems occur.

She is well appreciated by her colleagues and those she has helped. Colleagues note that she always has a smile on her face and conducts herself professionally. Denoncourt has received several Excellence Always Top Quarter recognition coupons in the last several months which document that she is consistently exceeding expectations.

Denoncourt's typical advice is: "Don't struggle, call for help!"

"I'm extremely surprised and dumb-founded," she said of the recognition. In her spare time, Denoncourt, an Appleton transplant, loves working in her 15 acres of blueberries fields. They are a slice of heaven.

The Pen Bay community celebrated Denoncourt's selection as Employee of the Month with a surprise party accompanied by her IS colleagues and neighbors in Patient Accounts.