Mid-August is all about brightness and color. Beach towels hanging to dry on lines and porches around town, the colorful clothing on folks from away, the zinnias and dahlias in profusion, and the sparkling blue waters are like summer’s grand finale of fireworks. And that’s without the vegetable garden’s diversity of beans, peas, carrots, onions, peppers, lettuce, basil and multi-colored tomatoes of various sizes from cherry up through beefsteak. And amidst this color town life continues…

Municipal news

In this day and age of increased awareness of finite resources, climate change, energy conservation and other such issues relating to the health of our earth, it was disconcerting to learn that the town Transfer Station is no longer accepting recycled plastics #1-8. Now only #2 plastic, the milk jug type, is being accepted as Mid-Coast Solid Waste in Rockport, which takes our recycled materials has made that ruling. The town apologized in the local paper, the Wind, for the inconvenience, which is appreciated, but I can’t help but be saddened by the bulk of plastics that will now be thrown away across town and by the thought of all those plastics being buried or burned instead of being recycled. I’m not the only one who hopes the policy changes soon.

School events

With coolness in the air, and the School Supply List posted downtown, folks are doing their back-to-school shopping. The school is still trying to fill positions too. Jobs up for grabs as of writing this, are: regular educational technician II full time, special education technician II full time, part-time librarian aide, adult education director part time, and bus driver. Please pass on the word to anyone who you think might enjoy and be qualified for these positions as time is of the essence. For more information contact Superintendent Bruce Mailloux at bmailloux@vinalhavenschool.org. The first day for students is Sept. 3.

Around town

Programming offered by the Vinalhaven Land Trust is still going strong with a trip to Burnt Island in the Fox Islands Thoroughfare being offered Saturday, Aug. 24 with a meeting time of 9 a.m. at the North End dock. Monday, Aug. 26 is a Tide Pooling program for children from 9-10 in the morning at Lane’s Island. That day the Garden Group will also wrap up their summer garden viewing schedule by visiting one last garden, discussing the highlights of the season, and setting their sights on the 2014 series of open gardens. On Aug. 28, the Friends of the Library are presenting Richard Rubin, author of "The Last Doughboys: Forgotten Generation” who will give a talk at 7 p.m. at the library. And for early risers, on the 29th there is a 7 a.m. bird walk, leaving from Skoog Park, sponsored by the Vinalhaven Land Trust and Maine Coast Heritage Trust. If downtown shopping, quarries, beaches, boating, and berry picking aren’t enough, surely these programs will keep you occupied.

In walking around town this week I’ve noticed many brown-eyed Susan’s, roadside asters and Queen Anne’s lace dressing up the roadsides and adding their color. I’ve also seen lots of gorgeous butterflies around the Echinacea, sunflowers and milkweed. There are also blackberries to be picked and ripe huckleberries. It may be a busy time of year in town and hectic at times, but it’s worth taking a moment to bask in the Crayola-ness of it all.

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