Architect Terry Cline will offer a free workshop on Health by Design at the Camden Public Library on Tuesday, Aug. 27,  from 7 to 9 p.m.

Cline recently gave a presentation at the library’s Wellness series, which received so much attention that the program will be expanded into an evening workshop.

Cline describes the workshop, Health By Design: Architecture as a Health Resource for All, as “a transformational, experiential presentation; guaranteed to leave you with immediate, practical, no-to-low-cost take-away techniques to use at home, office, classroom, or any room, for the enrichment of your physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and global well-being!”

He continues, “In addition to visual images, I’ll be using the library’s presentation room itself for adjusting the lighting and arranging existing furniture and furnishings to help convey design principles. I’ll also be using painter’s tape to convey other design strategies.”

Described as an “architect of change,” Cline is intrigued by the impact of architecture on behavior and well-being. He is a SpaceTherapy consultant, working beyond traditional architecture and interior design. As director of DwellRight with more than 30 years of professional experience offering green design and lifestyle/space integration, Cline integrates principles from architectural and interior design, behavioral psychology, neurology, immunology, the ancient art and science of placement, “and advanced common sense.”

Please call the library at 236-3440 to sign up.