Interested in learning more about how to live with constant pain or care for someone who has long-term pain?

Register for the Chronic Pain Workshop, a free six-week program at Pen Bay Healthcare’s Picker Family Resource Center. The class will be held Tuesdays, from 9:30 a.m. to noon, beginning Sept. 3 and is open to adults of all ages.

The workshops will help participants cope better with chronic pain and feel more in control. The series will cover topics including: how healthy eating can make a difference, how to balance activity and rest, how to improve problem solving skills, and how to work with healthcare providers to improve your chronic pain management skills

The program is co-sponsored by the Picker Family Resource Center and Spectrum Generations and will be led by Picker Center co-directors Wendelanne Augunas and Linda Zeigler. Suggested donation for the series is $20. Scholarships are available. Call 596-8950 to register or for more information.