Knowing all our wonderful cats as well as we do, there is one thing we can never quite understand: Why does it take so long for some of our darlings to get adopted while others are in and out in a flash? Believe it or not, some of our cats have been at the shelter for years. We’re glad they’re here where they are loved and warm and fed and not out on the mean streets, but like everyone else, each of them would love a home of her or his own. We don’t think they should have to wait one day longer for those dreams to come true, so we’re waiving the adoption fees for cats who have been here for six months or more.

Meet Cleo, a very friendly and happy-go-lucky girl who has been waiting for a fur-ever home for two years! Her owners were moving and could not find a place where cats were allowed, so they made the decision to bring her to P.A.W.S. One of the reasons Cleo would benefit from being in a home, aside from the fact that she is truly a charmer, is that she needs some help with her food portions. She’s a little overweight and she’s doing a great job of shedding some of those extra pounds here at the shelter, but with some exercise and someone to help her with her food portions, she’d be svelte in no time at all! Here’s a thought: Are you feeling like you’d like to lose a couple of pounds yourself? Dieting is always easier when you do it with someone, and Cleo would make a great partner. Come in and meet this sweet girl and see for yourself.

Another long-term resident is Rye, who has been waiting to go home for a year now. Rye came to P.A.W.S. as a stray and was never claimed. She lost one eye as the result of a very severe eye infection, but she doesn’t let a little thing like that stop her, and we think she sees more with one eye than many cats — and many people! — see with two.  She’s a quiet kind of girl who loves to sit on the windowsill, and she really wants a home where she can explore — supervised, of course — the great outdoors. What makes her happiest is the feel of the breeze ruffling her fur and the grass under her paws.

If you can’t adopt a cat on a permanent basis, you can still help us out by donating dry and canned cat food and non-clumping litter. You can also stop by P.A.W.S. to play with the cats or just hang out with them. Try it. You’ll be glad you did, and so will they.

Visit to see the many cats up for adoption.

Please take the time to drop by and see us and all our fantastic furry people at 146 Camden St. in Rockport. We’re open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, our phone number is 236-8702 and our website at is never closed! And thank you, as always, for your caring and support.