Nestled among spruce trees on Salt Pond Road in Cushing is the former South Cushing Baptist Church.

Now owned by the Cushing Historical Society, the non-denominational 1854 structure has served its community for nearly 150 years.

Rev. Peter Jenks of St. John Baptist Church will lead the congregation in a non-denominational service Sunday, Aug. 18, at 4 p.m.

Now known as the Old South Cushing Church, it is a gathering place where the Cushing Historical Society conducts an Annual Worship Service in August, honoring the request of the former congregation, and an Annual Harvest Festival celebration in October. The old church, now handicapped accessible, continues to provide a serene setting for weddings, christenings, poetry and play readings, concerts, and family get togethers.

The Cushing Historical Society maintains this lovely structure through the generous donations of its members and friends, and from those who reserve it for their celebrations.