Tammy Davis of Appleton shares these photos she took Aug. 5-8 in Appleton and Union.

"These last few days have been a blessing for this amateur photographer. The view from the top of the mountain (small walk to the top of Jones Hill in Appleton) was beautiful on Monday morning. Tuesday evening I took a walk down the road to the Mill Pond. The sun was beginning to set, the reflections were amazing.

"On the way back up the hill, I caught this doe having a snack. She didn't seem to mind all the clicking of my camera. I watched as she ate, and flipping her limbs and neck around most likely because of the bugs. I believe she even 'bowed' to me.

Wednesday evening, we took our 7-year-old granddaughter out onto Seven Tree Pond in Union. The fishing was very successful for her, the smile and fish say it all. When we arrived on the lake, the sun was very bright, and began to set as we headed back to the shore.

"Thursday afternoon on our way back home from errands, we caught these two does on Gurney Town Road here in Appleton. Yes. Blessings indeed," Davis wrote in an email.