Spruce Head Community Church announces round two of its summer ministry to youth.

"Actually, we have two layers of activity going on here," said Pastor Chris Noland in a news release. "The teens in our 5 Day Club team are being trained to share their faith and to work effectively with children. Also, we are able to have an impact for Christ outside the church's four walls. The kids have fun, and the teens get valuable ministry experience."

The week of Aug. 19, the Spruce Head teens will conduct a 5 Day Club each day at 10 a.m. in the backyard at 219 Rankin St. in Rockland. This hour of kid-focused Bible teaching will include games, a contest, songs, and a daily mini-drama performed by the teens. Anyone living in the area is welcome to stop by during the week.

Their first experience with this kind of outdoor Bible teaching came early in July when they held their first 5 Day Club at the LIFE house on Lindsey Street. Ministry Directors Jake and Tanja Barbour welcomed the 5 Day Club team and invited children associates with their ministry to attend. In all, more than 20 kids participated throughout the week.