For the second straight year, the Maine Lobster Festival's Great International Lobster Crate Race turned into the Connor McGonagle and Duncan Widdecombe show, and this time, last summer's runner-up outdistanced the event's all-time record holder.

Trying to steal the limelight from the two local youngsters, in the popular event which was part of the 66th festival on the city's waterfront, were 96 competitors and a special, non-registered participant, Black Beard the pirate, also known as Brian Messing, who retired his guns and sword at the end of this year's festival.

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A year after McGonagle and Widdecombe, both Owls Head residents, battled late into the afternoon for the 2012 title, and 12 months after McGonagle smashed the previous event record of 4,501 crates when he crossed an astonishing 6,000 crates, the two Midcoast youngsters were at it again Sunday, Aug. 4, as they kept hundreds of fans mesmerized with their watery crossings, their back-an-forth of the 50 crates tied to the two docks in Rockland Harbor.

When the final crate had been crossed, Widdecombe, 11, was the first-place finisher with 2,100 crates. McGonagle, 13, placed second at 1,645 crates. Widdecombe weighs 90 pounds and McGonagle 110 pounds.

Widdecombe won the lightweight division and Emerson Moore of Madbury, N.H. the featherweight division with 386 crates. A pair of local siblings won titles in the much more difficult weight classes. Desiree Smith, 24, of Rockland finished with 121 crates and the medium weight title and Dakota Smith, 20, of Rockland 37 crates for the supersize division crown.

Last year, Widdecombe finished second with 2,000 crates crossed, while 100 more than that this year was the number to beat.

Contestants participated in four divisions: featherweight (up to 75 pounds), lightweight (76-125), medium weight (126-175) and supersize or heavyweight (176 and heavier).

The lighter weight runners often do the best because they stay on top of the wooden crates, while the heavier runners make the crates sink and, at some point, it feels like they are running in quick sand.

A year older and a little heavier also usually are added obstacles for the youngsters who return year after year to try their luck at watery gauntlet.

After completing 500 crates each earlier in the competition, McGonagle and Widdecombe were given a break, before returning for a showdown at the end of the competition.

This year, there were 91 participants, most of whom ultimately ended up taking a dip in the cold waters of Rockland Harbor on a beautiful summer day.

This year's participants came from all over New England and from places such as Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey and New York, to name a few.

The task for the contestants was to jump off a slippery dock and traverse 50 lobster crates strung together and tied to another dock about 150 feet away. And repeat.

The event, organized by Sy and Alex Knight, also saw Missy Philbrook, this year's Sea Goddess, and Alex Calamari, last year's Sea Goddess, participate.

Fast feet, tremendous balance, incredible stamina and a never-quit attitude is the yearly formula for success.

Last year, McGonagle set a new, perhaps unbeatable standard in the event with 6,000 crates crossed, which beat the previous record of 4,501 by Andrew Bachiochi of Stafford Springs, Conn. in 2008.

McGonagle is one of the Midcoast's finest all-around young athletes, whose main sports are wrestling, baseball and football. In fact, the skills he uses on the mat and on the gridiron, namely quickness, strength and stamina, served him well as he crossed crate after crate, to the amazement of the nearly 3,000 spectators, a record, who witnessed the popular event last year.

McGonagle also brought the record for the Midcoast-invented activity back to the area. Prior to Bachiochi holding the mark, the late Susan Lundquist, who grew up locally, held the mark of 3,007 for decades and Shane LeBlanc, another Midcoast native, held the mark before her.

Smaller, lighter in weight and tremendous quickness — combined with stamina — are the key ingredients for success on crossing the tops of the crates. That is why the older, heavier competitors struggle getting across the crates — namely, because any significant weight makes the traps sink.

The challenge was to scamper across the string of 50 floating, wood lobster crates. As the official Maine Lobster Festival program states, "Lobster crate racing requires speed, quick feet, balance and, above all else, the ability to withstand a dunking in the chilly Maine waters, since most competitors do end up in the drink."

Inevitably exhaustion takes over and the water wins.

On Sunday, most participants ran socks for traction.

Some of the youngsters who fell on top of the crates actually tried to finish by crawling across them, most to no avail.

The event has been held since the mid-1970s when it got its start in Spruce Head. It was its own event before becoming part of the Maine Lobster Festival years ago.

Bachiochi set the new standard in 2008 with 4,501 crates. And he really did not fall in the water but simply stepped on the 4,501st crate and tossed himself into the ocean. At the time, Bachiochi surpassed the record of 3,007 set in the 1980s by Lundquist.

The individual results for all competitors, with their name, age, residence and number of crates crossed, included: Jenny Guzman, 20, Rockland, 23 crates; Desiree Smith, 24, Rockland, 121; Dakota Smith, 20, Rockland, 37; Connor Lajoie, 18, Yarmouth, 6; Cullan Therrier, 19, Falmouth, 3; Andrew Cook, 38, Hollis Center, 8; Bill Page, 50, South Berwick, 6; Kathleen Page, 12, South Berwick, 85; Austin Chilles, 9, Rockland, 4; Cole Stevens, 11, Rockland, 3; Jacob Carroll, 9, Owls Head, 6; Sydney Page, 10, South Berwick, 135; Harrison Page, 8, South Berwick, 170; Keara Spruil, 9, Sterling, Va., 21; Bridget Spruil, 12, Sterling, Va, 5; Brian Curtis, 33, Harker Heights, Tx., 5; Becca Woods, 10, 3; Mark Curtis, 34, Levant, 40; Kayla Curtis, 9, Harker Heights, Tx., 17; Finnegan Lynch, 10, Rockland, 36; Alex Calamari, 19, Owls Head, 6; Shawna Martin, 34, Holly Springs, N.C., 17; Kimberly Martin, 31, Holly Springs, N.C., 3; Josh Drinkwater, 28, Rockland, 7; Jensen Willis, 13, Warren, 34; Zachary Johnson, 13, Hudson, Fla., 21; Makian Johnson, 11, Hudson, Fla., 6, Eduardo Perez, 46, Mission, Tx., 8; Jimmy Woods, White House Station, N.J., 11, 3; Zak Winpenny, 10, Rockland, 4; Jordan Harden, 14, The Woodlands, Tx., 32; Jarrod Harden, 14, The Woodlands, Tx., 24; Chris Yousupchcuk, 28, Rosedale, Md., 4; Missy Philbrook, 18, Warren, 5; Kim Sides, 23, Media, Pa., 15; Brian Gugel, 27, Baltimore, Md., 21; Samantha Calamari, 17, Owls Head, 5; Ryan Calamari, 14, Owls Head, 13; Aidan Bonzagni, 10, Rockland, 239; Max Bonzagni, 9, Rockland, 11; Brian Corriveau, 8, none; Brian Corriveau, 35, Rockland, 12; Michael Corriveau, 5, Rockland, 10; Glen Johnson, 33, Rockland, 11; Mariah Harris, 15, South Thomaston, 9; Jerry Johnson, 10, Rockland, 4; Grace Carias, 15, Rocklnd, 59; Nicholas Tavanakis, 9, Cushing, 3; Fiona Zizza, 11, Cushing, 5; Duncan Widdecombe, 11, Owls Head, 2,100; Ashley Paisley, 15, Warren, 5; Sam Morrill, 16, Warren, 10; Peter Tschaikowsky, 10, Medon, Vt., 3; Colby Willey, 13, Owls Head, 97; B. Burgess, 16, Warren, 5; Brady Gobeil, 7, Scarborough, 4; Tyler Gabeil, 12, Scarborough, 6; Chris Knight Jr., 21, Owls Head, 9; Quinn Fogarty, 8, Scarborough, 13; Jordan Fogarty, 10, Scarborough, 2; Peter McWilbur, 20, Owls Head, 10; Paige McWilbur, 16, Owls Head, 5; Anne McWilbur, 19, Owls Head, 4; Jet McWilbur, 17, Ridgewood, N.J., 32; Owen McWilbur, 18, Ridgewood, N.J., 109; Sydney Hall, 14, Owls Head, 88; Jackie Hall, 11, Owls Head, 65; Ben Hillyard, 44, Durham, N.H., 6; Jordan Hillyard, 12, Durham, N.H., 9; Charlotte Moore, 16, Madbury, N.H., 9; Emerson Moore, 10, Madbury, N.H., 386; Amelia Campbell, 13, Jefferson, 4; Anna Campbell, 10, Jefferson, 9; Ethan Cogdon, 9, Jefferson, 2; Mya Simmons, 8, Port Clyde, 2; Chloe Simmons, 11, Port Clyde, 54; Braden Benner, 8, South Thomaston, 110; Baylee Tolman, 5, South Thomaston, none; Brodey Benner, 5, South Thomaston, 3; Torin Lally, 4, Warren, none; Declan Lally, 8, Warren, 135; Carrick Lally, 6, Warren, 3; Jordan Arteaga, 10, Thomaston, 4; Owen Dakin, 7, Windham, 10; Connor McGonagle, 13, Owls Head, 1,645; Nick Roman, 13, Rockland, 94; Gage Nicles, 9, Owls Head, 82; Chad Nickles, 15, Owls Head, 16; Lydia Ross, 10, Owls Head, 70; Donald Nickles, 44, Owls Head, 10; Katie Clough, 16, Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., 9; Sarah Clayton, 11, Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., 8; Molly Brakewood, 10, Port Chester, N.Y., 6; Ava Baeza, 10, Camden, 3; William Brakewood, 12, Port Chester, N.J., 7; and Dan Brakewood, 45, Port Cheter, N.J. number not recorded.