Explore the shores of Sharp’s Point South with local lobsterman Al Petterson at the Coastal Children’s Museum on Saturday Aug. 17, at 1:30 p.m.

Visitors to the museum will be welcome to walk the short distance from the museum to the beach beside Snow Marine Park and discover the world of the intertidal zone. At low tide, children and families will look for sea animals and plants and learn about the adaptations and strategies they have for surviving the sometimes harsh environment. Petterson will also be promoting the idea of conservation, stewardship and the connection that exist between all living things on the coast.

Petterson has been working on the water for 23 years as a lobsterman in Maine in the summer and as a volunteer for the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center in Florida in the winter. He runs boat, kayak and wading trips in the Charlotte Harbor area concentrating on educating the next generation about the importance of protecting the marine environment for the future.

The beach is approached by a short walk over rocks and rockweed so its best suited for children 4 and up and play clothes and water-friendly shoes are encouraged.

Tide walkers will be leaving from the front of the museum at 1:30 sharp because as they say, “Tide and time wait for no man.”

For more information, call the museum at 596-0300 or email info@coastalchildrensmuseum.org.