MaryEllen Ostherr will be the speaker at the wellness talk at the Camden Public Library Monday, Aug. 12, at noon, speaking on the connection between Feng Shui and health.

Entitled Feng Shui and the Psyche: it’s more than just moving furniture and changing colors, the talk is part of the Wellness Series of the library and the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Ostherr will focus on the bagua and the areas that relate to various aspects of the body and the connection to overall health. Color and placement of items will be addressed, but the primary focus will be an introduction to Feng Shui and health. The connection of clutter to health will be discussed, with its impact on mental and also physical health. This talk will introduce the body parts associated with various guas.

Ostherr has a master’s degree in psychology from Regis University in Denver, with a concentration in Jungian studies. She has been a certified Feng Shui consultant since her completion of a two-year course from the Wind and Water school of Feng Shui (Minneapolis) in 2004. She currently practices in the Midcoast area with clients throughout the United States.

The Wellness talks are free presentations on wellness from mainstream practitioners as well as non-traditional practices.