This summer, Jøtul North America is partnering with dealers nationwide to implement the Woodstove Changeout Program and Mazzeos Chimney and Stoves is part of this effort for cleaner air across the country.

From June through Sept. 16, consumers can bring in their current non-EPA-certified stoves to Mazzeos in exchange for a voucher valued at up to $300 toward any current Jøtul product. For all vouchers that are redeemed at Mazzeos, Jøtul will make a donation to the American Lung Association.

Old stoves can be dropped off at Mazzeos Stoves, 21 Farwell Drive in Rockland. Non-EPA stoves that are exchanged during the changeout will be rendered unusable and recycled.

Since EPA-certified wood stoves emit approximately 70 percent less pollution than older conventional stoves, owners who make the change from a non-EPA stove can directly affect local air quality. In addition to being environmentally friendly, EPA-certified stoves can be 50 percent more efficient and burn up to one-third less wood than older models.