The following deed transfers were recorded from July 18 to July 25 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.



Jeanne Fifield to Daniel R. Passeri and Joann M. Passeri.

Daniel R. Passeri and Joann M. Passeri to Town of Camden.

Mellon Bank of New York Trust, CWMBS INC, Bank of America NA Attorney, Laura A. Peil, Laura A. Piel Trust, Laura A Piel 2007 Revocable Trust and CHL Mortgage Pass Through Trust 2007 B to Mellon Bank of New York Trust and CHL Mortgage Pass Through Trust 2007 B.

Blanche L. Goodwin and Orman W. Goodwin to William J. Glover and Diana R. Glover.

Geoffrey A. James and Joanna B. James to Michael J. Mathews and Stephanie R. Mathews.



John A. Karonis to John A. Karonis Trust and Karonis Family Trust.

Pierce B. Browne and Elise R. Browne to Joanna C. Payne.



Sally S. Hartnett to Hartnett Holdings LLC.


North Haven

Donna E. Greenlaw, Brenda McMickle and James Greenlaw to Mark B. Hartley and Tara L. Hartley.

Ralph Brown to J O Brown and Sons INC.

Norma Preston to J O Brown Incorporated.


Owls Head

Randall K. Abbott to John A. Cummings and Linda W. Cummings.

Marilyn D. Seaman to Richard H Seaman and Marilyn D. Seaman.



Brian Farr to Kristin Johnson.

Anthony J. Casella to John G. Richardson Jr.

Stephen O. Wooster to Stephen O. Wooster.

Judith Q. Schofield to 104 Park Street LLC and One Hundred Four Park Street LLC.

Edmund R. Dewing Jr. Trust and Edmund R. Dewing Jr. Revocable Living Trust to Ann Carolyn Dewing Trust and Edmund R. Dewing Jr. Revocable Living Trust.



David N. Bragg Jr, and Tammy A. Bragg to Alan A. Bragg.

Melody Schubert Trust, Warren Schubert Trust and Family Schubert Trust to Melody Schubert and Warren Schubert.

Anthony J. Casella to Ridge at Rockport LLC.

Ralph L. Miller Trust and Miller Family Irrevocable Trust to Stephen P. Miller.

Village at Rockport LLC to Charmarie J. Blaisdell Trust and Charmarie J. Blaisdell Trust.

David S. Oppenheim and Joan Mosler Oppenheim to Scott Snider and Linda Snider.

Debra A. Girard to Percival L. Jordan and Terry Girouard Jordan.

Charles F. Henderson Trust and Charles F. and Pamela F. Henderson Trust to Henderson Family GST Exempt Trust, Henderson Survivors Trust and Charles F. Henderson Trust.


St. George

Marion D. Watts to Todd Watts, Lauren Watts, Megan Watts, Alexandra Watts and Taylor Watts.



Maine State Housing Authority and Camden National Bank Attorney to Peter M. Little and Joy A. Little.

Teresa Stred and Teresa A. Famiglietti to Teresa Stred and Harry W. Stred III.

Teresa Stred and Harry W. Stred III to James M. Carney and Ruth M. Carney.

Jesse L. Bartke and Ashby M. Bartke to Zachary Watson and Mary Watson.



Walter Degreenia to Walter Degreenia and Gail M. Degreenia.



David R. Arey and Michelle M. Willey to Elizabeth E. Healey and Thomas P. Healey.

Delwyn C. Webster and Susan Webster to Charles J. Gadzik and Cynthia Cave.

Virginia Sayward Paul and Roland W. Sayward Jr. to Elwood Group LLC.

Joshua Turner to David Swain.



Nicole L. Wilson to Samuel E. Higgins and Lynn M. Higgins.

Joseph T. Gray and Claire A. Gray to Bruce W. Greenleaf and Carol Sue Greenleaf.

Geraldine and Ingrid Garand to Patrick H. Parent and Leslie A. Parent.