A community for the healing, movement and visual arts, the Maine Beehive, located at 243 Commercial St., is a collaboration of numerous talents.

All four inhabitants bring their unique facets to the healing art offerings. Deborah Cautela and Antje Roitzsch, the founders of the Maine Beehive, are the only Master Practitioners of Phenomenal Touch Massage and Shiatsu north of New York. Amy Carpenter is a licensed Psychotherapist and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, specializing in couples and relationship work. Dr. Alan Ross brings his knowledge of Osteopathy and Rehabilitation Medicine into the Maine Beehive.

Additionally Cautela is offering her 5 Rhythms Movement Therapy. Roitzsch is creating connections between the healing and the visual arts through her sculptures and her individually created healing jewelry. Ross is also a passionate 5 Rhythms Dancer.

Besides their individual work, the team is intending to offer integrative treatment approaches and packages, facilitating healing support on many levels.

The concept of the Maine Beehive was born observing a swarm of bees. Collaboration, co-creation, combining talents and resources, working as a team and being a vital member of the local business environment, being part of an equal network of service providers of many facets, offering integrative treatment approaches. All these are important goals for the Maine Beehive members. And as observed in a swarm of bees; people are all connected and will thrive when people do well as individuals.

Workshops, gatherings, special events will happen in the Maine Beehive. All are welcome to participate in the weekly Tea gathering, Thursdays from 1 to 2 p.m. to network, share, collaborate and chat (cross-pollinate.) More information can be found at TheMaineBeehive.com or call 236-3111.