Are you looking for a famous cat? Will you settle for a cat that looks like someone famous? Well, our Chappie has a mustache that definitely gives him that Charlie Chaplin look — and we think C.C. would be honored to know that he resembles such a splendid cat! But looks aren’t all Chappie has going for him. He is as sweet and loving a creature as we’re ever known. He’s tolerant, funny, outgoing and calm, altogether a most superior cat. Come lose your heart to him — he has one for you in exchange!

Our elegant and beautiful Monique has a special status. She loves people and being around them, but she tends to be a little overbearing with other cats, believing — and rightly so, now and then — that she is lovelier and grander than they are. We know all the cats in her room would lead happier and less stressful lives if Monique had a home of her own to manage. Please stop in and meet her. If you can live up to her expectations, she will make a wonderful, comfortable companion.

Don’t forget our Senior-to-Senior Program: For cats older than 6 and adopters older than 60, the adoption fee is waived. For those of you who really don’t feel up to dealing with kitten antics, we have many eligible cats here at the shelter, adult cats who are wise and wonderful with the years. Because many of them were not kittens when they came to us, some of them have never known the utter joy of having people and a home of their own. Is yours available?

Our satellite adoption program at Loyal Biscuit in Belfast is achieving spectacular successes! We bring kittens and cats there to be adopted, and so far 25 of them have found fur-ever homes. Stop in if you’re in the neighborhood. It just might be a lucky day for you and one of our sweethearts.

We’re happy to see and say that the dogs at Jean Kislak Dog Park are having a terrific time. Come by and give your four-legged buddy a lot of running room and a chance to make new friends — and that goes for you too. The new friends, we mean, though there’s plenty of room for you to run to if you feel like it.

On our wish list: non-clumping litter and ALWAYS dry cat food, canned cat and dog food, paper towels, paper plates, dog treats and dog toys. You can leave these items in our foyer anytime. We truly appreciate all the donations we receive.

Please stop in and see us and all our fantastic four-footers at 146 Camden St. in Rockport. We’re open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, our phone number is 236-8702 and is never closed! And thank you, as always, for your caring and support, without which we and all our creatures would be simply nowhere.