The following deed transfers were recorded from June 28 to July 5 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.


John A. Williams and Jennifer L. Williams to Alex Fayvil.


James G. Landi and Kristina M. Landi to Somerset LLC.

Sarah A. Swift, Faith H. Ferguson and David O. Hesselgrave to Scott Horty.

William Buchholz and Kalla Buchholz to Steven J. Pixley and Ann A. Pixley.

Joyce F. Pendleton Poole to Steven J. Pixley and Ann A. Pixley.

Patricia E. Renn, Donald W. Renn and Megunticook Renn LLC. to Wesley McAfee Jones and Nancy J. Ylvisaker.


First NA to Kristen Elizabeth Smith and Tyler Lincoln Smith.

Genevieve V. Perpall Est. to Christine M. Marks.


Bangor Savings Bank to Mark W. Siegenthaler.

Helen F. Heald to Steven M. Skipple and Alyce R. Delfino.

First NA to Mel Charles Goldberg.

Annette V. Lesiege Est. to Bradley Achorn and Chelsea Kidd.

Michael J. Czosnek and Rebecca S. Czosnek to James M. Pease and Maria L. Pease.

Beatrice E. Gardner Est. to Linda Gray and David Healy.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, National Default REO Services and First American Asset Closing Services Attorney to David Stewart Bell and Audra Dee Caler.

Richard O. Willard to Schooner Bay Place LLC.

Anne G. Bronson Est. to Schooner Bay Place LLC.

Peggy Dean and Wayne Dorman to Michele P. Gray.

Jack R. Green and Patricia T. Green to Roger L. Johnston and Afton Johnston.

Paul Spizzuoco and Tracy Spizzuoco to Sara E. Keen.

Ralph G. Eldridge to Ralph G. Eldridge and Mary Alyce Eldridge.

Vincent Ferraiolo and Filomena Ferraiolo to Anthony J. Casella.

George Dedekian to George Dedekian and Richard S. Dedekain.

Linda A. Arnold Granger to Richard W. Jacks and Maryann Jacks.


Terrence P. Dyer and Donna M. Dyer to Kristen Jean Roy.

Gail W. Spear to Christine Dowd.

Gregory Blackwell and Karen Blackwell to Marc. L. Merrill and Heather J. Longe.

Thomas A. Kiley to Morgan Wing Goodale and Marie T. Malin.

Gregory Blackwell and Karen Blackwell to Merrill SOLO 401k Trust.

Andrew J. Cavanaugh to David E. Herrick and Carolyn A. Cavanaugh.

Pauline M. Stanley Est. to Lawrence K. Stanley.

Lawrence K. Stanley and Nicola O. Stanley to David E. Stanley.

Peter E. Simpson and Pricilla L. Simpson to Broham Properties LLC.

Roy F. Gilley III and Alec E. Brainerd to William H. Dennett and Jennifer A. Iott.

Vincent Ferraiolo and Filomena Ferraiolo to Anthony J. Casella.

South Thomaston

Barbara V. Echeverria to Peter Just and Anne W. Just.

Monica Rae Odone to Aric John Odone.

St. George

Nancy Benner to Raymond Benner.


Cornelius G. Houtsma Est. to Peter Q. Jenks and Emily A. Jenks.

Patrick H. Davis and Nancy D. Davis to Mari E. Talkin.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust, CWALT Inc. and Bank of America Attorney to Bank of New York Mellon Trust and CWALT Inc.

Margaret L. Young to Douglas A. Leonard and Catherine L. Leonard.

Barbara M. Carter to Amy S. Carter Boynton.

Peter Betts, Marilyn Baker, Philip Baker, Susan M. Kelley, Joyce Betts, Arlene E. Betts, Barbara Betts and Kathryn Cassidy to Mildred B. Betts Est.

Kim E. Leidenroth to Trolleboda Group LLC.


Benjamin Keane Laukka to Wyatt Wilde, Aubrey Wilde and Pamela Wilde.

Duane A. Rowell, Gail J. Mank, Eleanor G. Rowell and Mervyn E. Mank to Matthew Mank and Melissa Brocious.


Jill Elisofon to Stephen Zoloth and Catherine Quimby.


Marcia B. Anderson to Helen Hubbard Marr and John Stuart Marr.