The following cases were closed in Sixth District Court June 21-28.

Tyler Adkins, 21, of Warren, criminal mischief, $250 fine, restitution $40; theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, $250 fine, restitution $8.

Nicholas A. Ames, 19, of Vinalhaven, criminal mischief, $150 fine; domestic violence assault, dismissed, disorderly conduct, offensive words, gestures, $300 fine; criminal mischief, dismissed.

Paul G. Benner, 29, of St. George, fish for or take shellfish from closed area, prior, $500 fine.

Matthew C. Brown, 28, of Thomaston, assault, $300 fine.

Benjamin S. Cameron, 42, of Topsham, operating under the influence, $500 fine, license suspended 90 days.

Shirley J. Cline, 62, of Spruce Head, assault, dismissed; disorderly conduct, offensive words, gestures, $300 fine.

Michael J. Cole II, 30, of Lincolnville, failing to make oral or written accident report, $500 fine.

Sarah A. Conant, 30, of Appleton, operating while license suspended or revoked, $250 fine.

Sarah K. Cunningham, 27, of Thomaston, assault, dismissed; assault, $300 fine, 72 hours in Knox County Jail; domestic violence assault, 180 days in jail, all but 72 hours suspended, probation one year.

Jason A. Davis Sr., 28, of Warren, criminal attempt, 45 days in jail.

Scott M. Davis, 29, of Bath, operate while license suspended or revoked, prior, $500 fine; violating condition of release, $500 fine.

Jeremy Dennison, 27, of Rockland, criminal mischief, dismissed.

Nicholas Doucette, 23, of Old Town, assault, dismissed.

Jennifer Dunton, 42, of Rockland, two counts of violating condition of release, 30 days in jail.

Barbara Jean Files, 36, of Palermo, driving to endanger, dismissed.

Mark David Gagne, 30, of Friendship, stalking, serious inconvenience or emotional distress, Department of Corrections 364 days, all suspended, probation one year.

John Mark Hewlett, 49, of Appleton, domestic violence terrorizing, dismissed; domestic violence assault, dismissed, violating condition of release, dismissed.

Michael J. Lindsey, 21, of Searsmont, disorderly conduct, fighting, $150 fine.

Richard D. Loalbo Jr., 53, of Rockland, refusing to submit to arrest, 30 days in jail.

Denise M. Massicotte, 58, of Union, assault, $300 fine.

Patrice Massicotte, 42, of Union, two counts of unlawful furnishing of scheduled drugs, $400 fine, seven days in jail.

Sandra S. Merrifield, 60, of Camden, motor vehicle speeding, 30-plus mph above the limit,  $500 fine.

Howard Q. Myers IV, 41, of Tenants Harbor, operating under the influence, $500 fine, license suspended 90 days.

Todd Preston, 25, of Thomaston, failure to register vehicle, $175 fine.

Douglas H. Robinson, 38, of Warren, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, 48 hours in jail, $14 restitution.

Edward Sabatino, 57, of Friendship, operating under the influence with one prior, $900 fine, 180 days in jail, one-year probation, license suspended three years; refusing to sign uniform summons complaint, two days in jail.

Timothy Sandblom, 55, of Rockland, criminal trespass, $150 fine; disorderly conduct, offensive words and gestures, dismissed; disorderly conduct, loud unreasonable noise, $150 fine.

Matthew D. Shannon, 43, of Tucson, Ariz., operating under the influence, $500 fine, 72 hours in Sagadahoc County Jail, license suspended 90 days.

Ethan B. Watt, 23, of Vinalhaven, criminal mischief, $250 fine.