Union Fair President Ron Hawes and Blueberry Queen Coronation chairman Yvonnie Drown announce that applications are now being accepted for the title of 2013 Maine Wild Blueberry Queen.

The coronation will be held Sunday, Aug. 18, at 8 p.m. at the Union Fair Grandstand. All contestants for the coronation will be available to meet the public on opening day of the Union Fair, Saturday, Aug. 17.

The 2013 Maine Wild Blueberry Queen will receive a $1,750 cash award. The Crown Princess will receive a $750 cash award. Miss Congeniality will receive a $300 cash award. Cash awards are donated by the Union Fair, the Maine Blueberry Commission, and the Wild Blueberry Association of North America. Crowns are donated by Rockwell-Funorama Amusements. The Queen's portraits are donated by Peter Taylor of Washington.

To qualify, contestants must be a high school graduate between the age of 17 and 22 years old, a resident of Maine and be single.

A sponsorship fee of $300 is required. Multiple sponsors are acceptable and encouraged, but at least one must be part of the Maine wild blueberry industry

The person chosen as queen, must be available for appearances during year of reign, does not hold another title during year of reign and will not compete for another title for application closing.

A panel of judges will evaluate each candidate in three categories: Written essay, Oral presentation and Individual interview.

Attire will include casual day wear, such as dress, skirt or blouse or slacks and blouse, comfortable shoes and while or blue evening gown for coronation.

The Maine Wild Blueberry Queen is an important ambassador of Maine's Wild Blueberry Industry. Appearances by the queen are designed to promote Maine's wild blueberries and Union Fair, host of the 53rd annual Maine Wild Blueberry Festival. The queen will appear in statewide parades, special state events, various charitable events, and tour blueberry processing plants.

Interested individuals should contact Yvonne Drown for information.

Send information requests to: Maine Wild Blueberry Queen Coronation, Yvonne Drown, 48 Pushaw Road, Hope, ME 04847 or phone 542-0422.

For an application, go to: unionfair.org.