Mariah Klapatch of Partners for Performance will offer a free workshop on social media and marketing Monday, July 15, from noon to 2 p.m. at Camden Public Library.

All are welcome, please call the library at 236-3440 to register.

“For many small businesses the task of maintaining a vibrant online presence may be a challenge and indeed feel unnecessary and burdensome,” said Klapatch in a news release. “Like building a bridge, we may not know the exact engineering that goes into it but we all know how essential a well-built bridge is when we find a river in our path.”

“In a world that is rapidly becoming a global online community the possibility for increasing your marketing reach is endless! The naturally inclusive environment of the internet means there are ways to engage potential customers at little or no cost,” added Klapatch. “This seminar aims to demonstrate practical ways to increase your online presence in the most enjoyable, effective way possible. By gearing this program to local small and micro businesses we will explore specific tools for all this and more. We will introduce simple techniques and clear examples that are easy to understand and transferable back to your business.”

Klapatch was born and raised in the Camden-Rockport area and is a sixth-generation Mainer. After attending New York University’s prestigious Tisch film program she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. She works as a screenwriter and editor and has been actively engaged in social media since college. Two years ago she joined the Organizational Development firm Partners for Performance as a consultant and facilitator training with national organizations to improve communication and effectiveness in the workplace.