Although its name trivializes the illness as little more than being tired, chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, also known as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, or CFIDS, is a complex and debilitating chronic illness that affects the brain and multiple bodily systems.

Erika Manning will give a Brown Bag Lunch talk Monday, July 8, at noon at the Camden Public Library, as part of the Wellness Series of the library and the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce.

CFS is characterized by incapacitating fatigue that is experienced as profound exhaustion and very poor stamina. It is also accompanied by flu-like symptoms, poor memory, un-refreshing sleep, and a worsening of symptoms following physical or mental exertion. The symptoms of CFS are extremely variable and fluctuate in severity and can complicate a person’s ability to cope with the illness. Most of the symptoms are not visible, which makes it very difficult for others to understand the vast array of complex and debilitating symptoms that people with the illness must contend with.

Manning has been living with CFS for more than a decade. With this talk she would like to share some of her story as she journeys through her life with CFS, including healing techniques from acupuncture, to diet, to therapeutic yoga (and many in between) that have helped her in her journey.

Manning is a yoga therapist who works with those who have CFS, back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, arthritis and breathing issues. She has a private practice under the name Blue Crow Studio,