Our pet pick of the week is Boston. This handsome fellow is a 4-year-old Labrador/Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. Boston is good with kids, cats and most dogs. He's a big, strong boy but he minds well on a leash and is a very sweet dog. If you're looking for a good family dog, one that is affectionate, intelligent and protective then come on in and meet Boston.

Something's fishy at the shelter. Two cute little Comet goldfish that is. Meet Fishy and Fishy. Abandoned in an apartment, they were brought to the shelter in hopes that we could help out. We are happy to adopt them out to a fish friendly home.

Time is running out to take advantage of our June Adopt-A-Cat Month specials. Any adult cat is just $25 to adopt and those that have been at the shelter three months or longer are fee waived. Kittens, and we have dozens of them in foster care ready or nearly ready for adoption, are only $50 during our Kittenpalooza special.

Don't forget to take a little extra care to keep your pets safe this Fourth of July. Many pets panic and run when exposed to the loud booms of fireworks. It may be tempting to bring your dog to join in the fun but leave him at home. Everyone will enjoy the evening much more, especially your dog. To you keep your pets safe, we recommend you keep them inside the house, preferably in a quiet room without windows, with a fan or radio on to muffle the sounds of the fireworks, either city sponsored or your neighbors own personal firework display. Also, make sure your pet is wearing an I.D. tag with current information. That's the quickest ticket home for a lost pet. If you need a tag, we can engrave one at the shelter for just $7. Have a safe and fun holiday.

Wish list. Laundry detergent, canned cat food, cat toys, stamps, weed wacker, large garbage bags, paper towels, hot dogs, string cheese and peanut butter.