That enchanted night,

like a dream remembered,

we wandered through

an olive grove sprinkled

by amber moonlight, and

suddenly came upon a

tiny chapel, arches glowing

with flickering lamps inside

where solemn icons beckoned,

and as we prayed with them,

to our delight, a flock of

sheep without a shepherd

herded by, chiming its

tiny bells in minor key,

a hymn to the satin black

Aegean beyond the trees,

inviting us to bathe, and like

children, we ran laughing to

splash in bare, then float

silently in Neptune’s mythic

waters, listening to the music

of a million stars above.


Dorothy Nyman of Rockland is a retired psychologist and University of Maine at Augusta instructor. Besides writing music, poetry and essays she also teaches piano and enjoys gardening.

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