The Morristown & Erie Railway and the Maine Eastern Railroad have been undergoing some recent changes that will continue to grow the companies and provide new business and development opportunities for the future.

These changes will be coupled with aggressive new marketing campaigns aimed to attract both freight and passenger customers, helping to grow both railroads and the communities they serve.

With these changes comes a reshuffling of management, which includes eliminating some positions and redefining others. This restructuring of company officers is occurring at both the Maine Eastern and at its corporate parent, the Morristown & Erie.

The Morristown & Erie Railway announce a series of promotions that will result in a change in the officers of both companies. The new management teams will place the railroads in better positions to serve their existing customers and actively pursue new business opportunities in the near future.

Former M&E Chief Mechanical Officer Charles “Chuck” Jensen has been promoted to vice president and chief operating officer of the railroad. He will be overseeing the daily operations of the Morristown & Erie as well as the Maine Eastern.

Gregory Dodd, formerly master mechanic, has been promoted to Jensen’s vacated position of chief mechanical officer.

Mechanic Steve Stecko has been promoted to fill the master mechanic position.

Jensen, Dodd, and Stecko have all been employed by the M&E for more than 10 years each. All have extensive previous experience in both Class I and shortline railroading.

The Morristown & Erie look forward to the leadership they will be bringing to their respective areas.

To facilitate the long-term success of the Maine Eastern Railroad, current MERR employee Mike Moore has been promoted to the position of superintendent, replacing the position formerly held by Don Marson. Mike has worked for the Maine Eastern for seven years, working in train service and serving as both the railroad’s designated supervisor of locomotive engineers and mechanical supervisor.