John Falla will lead a walk-through of the Seaside Cemetery June 27, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Falla is well-versed in the history of Tenants Harbor and understands as well as anyone can the complex web of relationships that connected the families descended from the early settlers there, chiefly the Hendersons, Longs, Harts, Wattses, Walls and Clarks. The cemetery presents an interesting insight into the economic and social changes around the harbor for more than 200 years.

Unlettered fieldstones mark the earliest burial places near the shore. They probably date back to the late 1700s. Marble markers became more ornate as prosperity increased as the decades passed. By the late 1800s they were outdone by huge granite memorials placed in the last part of the century by families who had accumulated wealth in the shipping business from the 1840s to the 1890s.

Less prosperous times followed in the 1900s and by the 1950s many of the family plots had become overgrown with bushes and locust saplings. Happily, a growing interest in historic preservation combined with community pride and the introduction of the rotary power mower enabled the Cemetery Association and a succession of conscientious caretakers to improve the cemetery to the park-like appearance it has today.

Please meet at the cemetery at 6:30 p.m. Take the sharp left curve by the Harbor church on the main road to Port Clyde. The cemetery is just a few telephone poles beyond on the left.

In case of inclement weather, that means cold fog or rain, the event will be postponed. In order to have enough time, there will be no potluck supper.

For more information, call James Skoglund 372-8893.