Noting patient care is the highest priority, Camden First Aid Association Service Chief Julia Libby and North East Mobile Health Services Chief Kevin McGinnis met Friday, June 14, and agreed to create a transition plan for uninterrupted, continuous, quality emergency medical services for the residents of Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville and part of Hope, the services announce in a joint press release June 17. The meeting also was attended by other officials from both services.

A transition period will be established and a transition team, consisting of representatives of the two services and the towns, will be initiated, the release states. During the transition period, the public will be served throughout as the two services share response to calls and staff in a way to gradually increase North East’s handling of calls, while Camden First Aid gradually decreases its role.

This transition process will be marked by a spirit of mutual cooperation with both services working to ensure that continued emergency medical response is available, according to the press release.

McGinnis said in the statement, “We have interviewed a number of great CFAA staff members this past week and expect to smoothly integrate those we hire over the transition period. I look forward to working with Chief Libby to making this transition work for our patients and staff.”

Libby said in the release, “CFAA fully supports this undertaking and intends to maintain our prompt and effective medical, life-saving services until the last day of our existence.”