“Current treatment protocols for osteoarthritis do nothing to prevent or stop this disease,” said Dr. Louis Pack, in a news release.

“As a result, osteoarthritis is now the number one cause of pain and disability in America, with one of every two seniors having knee problems and three quarters of a million people a year having knee and hip joint replacements.”

Pack will be making a presentation at the Camden Public Library about his book, "The Arthritis Revolution: Latest Research on Staying Active Without Pain Medication or Surgery," on Tuesday evening, July 2, at 7 p.m. The book has been a painstaking labor of love. It was prompted by Pack’s passion to educate arthritis sufferers and teach other physicians what they can now do to help their patients. More than 40 years of surgical and clinical experience and five years of writing and research have gone into the book.

Whether you want to prevent osteoarthritis, stop its progression, or have already had a knee or hip joint replacement, Dr. Pack believes he may be able to help you stay active without medication or future surgery. He treats the underlying cause of this disease and not merely the symptoms.

“Medications are merely designed to decrease symptoms while the disease progresses. When no longer effective, joint replacement surgery is the only alternative, and yet these new joints also have to be replaced again,” he said.

Like most physicians, Pack was taught that osteoarthritis was due to aging and excessive weight. But the fact that it primarily occurs when we’re older doesn’t necessarily mean it’s due to age. Arthritis, like heart disease, takes a long time to develop, but Pack does not believe that age is the primary cause. Pack questions, if age and weight are the primary causes of osteoarthritis, then why do some obese 90-year-olds have no knee pain and some thin, 9-year-olds, do? And why does it so often affect only one knee or hip? When both knees or hips are involved, invariably one starts first. Is the other carrying less weight or younger? He believes there must be other factors.

His work over 40 years in this area has shown that contrary to what is currently believed, abnormal structural alignment is the primary cause of this disease, wearing out  joints in the same way that poorly aligned tires wear out sooner. Any degree of abnormality (like a flattened foot or longer leg) increases joint friction and over time causes arthritis. Pack agrees that age and weight certainly are factors, but that these factors are secondary to abnormal alignment. With Pack’s premise that the foot is the foundation of our entire skeletal system, he has further shown that often, even in severe cases, many ankle, knee, hip, back and neck problems can be eliminated with optimal foot alignment.

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