Over the course of their 30-plus year career, The Holmes Brothers — bassist/vocalist Sherman Holmes, guitarist/pianist/vocalist Wendell Holmes and drummer/vocalist and brother-in-spirit Popsy Dixon — have delivered a joyous and moving blend of blues, gospel, soul, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll and country. Their three-part harmony singing, mixing Wendell’s gruff and gravelly vocals with Dixon’s soaring falsetto and Sherman’s rich baritone, brings the soul and spirit of gospel music into everything they perform. Equally gripping is the rhythmic foundation laid down by Sherman’s bass playing and Dixon’s drumming, perfectly complements for Wendell’s blues-soaked guitar solos and church-inspired piano playing.

The Holmes Brothers have won multiple Blues Music Awards and shared stages and recordings with Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Willie Nelson, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Merle Haggard, Keith Richards, Al Green, Ben Harper, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Levon Helm, Rosanne Cash, Odetta and The Jungle Brothers.

Sherman and Wendell Holmes were raised in Christchurch, Va. Their schoolteacher parents fostered the boys’ early interest in music as they listened to traditional Baptist hymns, anthems and spirituals, as well as blues music by Jimmy Reed, Junior Parker and B.B. King. The brothers played in a few bands before forming The Sevilles in New York in 1963. That group lasted only three years but often backed up touring artists including The Impressions, John Lee Hooker and Jerry Butler, gaining a wealth of experience. They met Dixon, a fellow Virginian, at a New York gig in 1967. He sat in with brothers and “after that second song,” said Wendell, “Popsy was a brother.” They continued to play in a variety of Top 40 bar bands until 1979, when the three officially joined forces and formed The Holmes Brothers band.

In the early years, the band worked primarily at Dan Lynch’s, a New York club that featured weekly jam nights and performances by a wide variety of blues acts. Since their debut on Rounder Records in 1989, The Holmes Brothers have worked virtually non-stop. In addition to producing their own critically acclaimed albums, they have recorded for and with many esteemed musicians; toured with Joan Osborne and others; starred in and recorded the soundtrack for the 1996 indie film “Lotto Land”; recorded for the soundtrack album of the popular television series “Crossing Jordan”; appeared on multiple television and radio shows; been the subject of features and reviews; and won the 2005 Blues Music Award for Band Of The Year.

A few years ago, the trio confronted a stark reality when Wendell was diagnosed with cancer. Tight-knit on and off the stage, they found strength in their family, friendship and faith to overcome this setback. With his victory over the disease, the group emerged fully energized and inspired to create the deepest, most original album of their career. “Feed My Soul,” produced by their longtime friend and collaborator Joan Osborne, is a work born from this harrowing experience. With the depth of the songwriting and the power of their performances, The Holmes Brothers continue to serve their extended family of devoted fans a rich musical banquet for the soul.