Union Elementary School announces its third trimester honor roll for the 2012-2013 school year.

Grade 3

High honors: Kassi Soule

Honor roll: Dominic Athearn, Madeline Holmes, Issak Hynd, Steven Luce, Aiden Sawyer

Grade 4

High honors: Ian Doughty, Hannah Marsden, Sean Sebrey, Acer VanDis and Sarah Williams

Honor roll: Hamish Bodine, Austin Brewer, Bryce Colburn, Lexi Gordon, Abby Grant, James Hopkins, Isabella LaFrance, Gwen Matthews, Tucker McDaniels-Rossiter and Zak Winpenny

Grade 5

High honors: Colby Mank and Michael Simmons

Honor roll: Bryce Luce, Lillian McIntyre, Kyle Weinand and Travis Wyman

Grade 6

High honors: Emalee Grant

Honor roll: Regan Crowe, Jillian Martz