Rockland Police and Fire Departments headed to the Rockland Solid Waste Facility shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 5, in response to a call about a fire at the site.

Rockland Fire Chief Charlie Jordan said the call could have come from a passerby as smoke was visible in the area.

Jordan is unsure of how the fire started, whether it ignited from something in the waste stream or even a cigarette tossed from Old County Road.

The department arrived with two engines and a tower truck to douse the fire with water, hooking up the tower truck to a nearby hydrant on the bridge and pumping 500 gallons a minute onto hot spots.

Jordan said a landfill employee operated a bulldozer to push debris around so firefighters could effectively cover the area.

He said the fire was on the surface of the pile, and the department remained on scene for about an hour.

"It was knocked out quickly," he said.

The burning debris included petroleum-based products — such as plastics and foam — creating thick, black smoke with a distinctive odor, he said.

The transfer station was closed when the call was reported.