This year's Lincolnville Town Report is dedicated to longtime town employee Doris Weed. Select board members surprised her June 4. From the dedication contained in the Lincolnville Town Report:

"This year’s Town Report is dedicated to Doris Ann (Flagg) Weed for her nearly three decades of dedicated service to the Town of Lincolnville.


Doris was born at the Camden Community Hospital to Thomas and Mildred Flagg. Upon leaving the hospital Doris went home to the family farm at Lincolnville Beach. On the farm Doris learned the value of hard work and other lessons that served her well throughout her life. Get to work early, put in a full day and enjoy your time off (when you get it).

On the farm with the help of her siblings, brother Tommy and sisters Jane and Ellen, Doris took on the many chores of living on a farm. Doris’ father Tom had nicknames for each of his children and Doris’ was “Robie.” One of Robie’s “fondest” farming memories was of haying on a hot summer day and she soon learned that she didn’t want to be a farmer.

After graduating from Camden-Rockport High School Doris married Ken Weed and together they raised their two sons, Ken Jr. and Steven. Doris also has two grandchildren Jarica and Julia, both of which have given her great joy.

Doris was never one to slow down and throughout her 27 year tenure with the Town she has held many different positions including but certainly not limited to: Treasurer, Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Administrator, Registrar of Voters, Code Enforcement Officer, and Office Coordinator. And then in her spare time volunteered to serve the community on many committees including stints on the Comprehensive Plan Committee, Planning Board, Board of Appeals, Budget Committee, School Building Committee, Center Community Building Committee, Municipal Building Committee, and Charter Commission to name a few.

In February, Doris set off to enjoy her well deserved retirement. So when you see her on the snowmobile trail, out hiking the trails through Tanglewood, around the harbor, or just out around Town make sure to say “thank you” for the Town will never have another employee like her."