Rockport Police reported the following activity for the week of May 21 through May 28.

May 21

Katie Orff, 27, of Somerville, inspection violation.

Devin A. Deabler, 28, of Rockland, seat belt violation.

David S. Miller, 43, of Rockland, seat belt violation, insurance violation.

Amanda Simmons, 39, of Rockport, warrant.

May 22

Nancey M. Wood, 62, of Rockport, inspection violation.

Christian Bateman, 19, of South Thomaston, seat belt violation.

Travis Blackmer, 41, of Dedham, insurance violation.

May 23

Bruce A. Warren, 50, of Warren, seat belt violation.

Nicholas Buck, 56, of Newcastle, seat belt violation.

Linda Millay, 55, of Jefferson, seat belt violation.

May 24

Christina Lord, 27, of Union, inspection violation.

Bruce Bowman-Leberge, 27, of Lubec, inspection violation.

Zachary Cohn, 35, of Camden, seat belt violation.

Seth H. Cohn, 29, of Camden, seat belt violation.

Christina Barstow, 51, of Rockport, seat belt violation.

Heidi Jackson, 26, Camden, seat belt violation.

Ryan Anderson, 35, Jefferson, inspection violation.

Aimee Moffitt-Mercier, 50, Hope, failure to register motor vehicle (between 30-150 days past due).

May 25

Grady O. McGowan, 27, of Rockland, seat belt violation.

Alexander Oaks, 24, Spruce Head, seat belt violation.

May 26

John Clary, 64, of North Carolina, disorderly conduct.

Stephanie Grinnell, 36, of Washington, inspection violation.

Shae Lexis Dunn, 17, of Rockport, inspection violation.

Vienskiy Leonid, 18, of Palm Coast, Fla., speeding 55 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Kristen Burke, 26, of China, inspection violation.

Jared Farnum, 31, of Rockland, seat belt violation.

Amy Gertner, 27, of Hope, seat belt violation.

Noah Rosen, 22, of Washington, seat belt violation.

May 27

Shaun R. Smith, 36, of Warren, inspection violation.

Melonie C. Donnelly, 32, of Rockport, inspection violation.

Ashley Robinson, 25, Cushing, seat belt violation.

Jeremy R. Carey, 35, Warren, failure to register motor vehicle (between 30-150 days past due).

May 28

Juvenile, 14, of Rockport, probation violation.

Jacob Booth, 17, of Camden, inspection violation.

Karl Enroth, 50, of Worthington, Mass., seat belt violation.

James J. Novak, 44, of Lincolnville, inspection violation.

Justin Downs, 22, of Bangor, studded tires beyond May 1.

An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceeding.