The Maine Annual Meeting of the United Church of Christ Congregational Churches held their annual meeting at the University of Maine Farmington.

Delegates from all across Maine joined together to give reports, update and change resolutions and bylaws. The church camp Pilgrim Lodge was reported in need of general repair. The consensus was to spend the needed effort to restore the camp to safe and comfortable use. Also was reported that the new headquarters in Augusta was finished and the move into the new quarters completed. The new building will now be able to accommodate the annual meeting next year, a change from many years at UFM.

The keynote speaker Geoffrey A. Black, general minister of United Church of Christ, just back from ministry in China. He spoke of the many changes that had taken place, noting the Freedom Marches, Integration, Martin Luther King, the JFK assassination. He pointed out that this is the past to point the group forward for more adaptive changes in the future; Changes of Hope with antislavery, abolitionists, civil rights movement. That Hope will transform the world to the Kingdom of God. That Church must be adaptive to change for this is an ever changing world. Also there must be changes in economy and attitudinal changes. He believes that the church must emerge to embrace inequality, discrimination. To embrace all of Gods’ children and to be stewards of the environment.