On May 99, the 126th Maine Legislature hosted Welcome Back Day to honor those individuals who have served as state representatives and state senators in the past decades.

Sherman Baird of Friendship received recognition as the individual who had served in the earliest Maine Legislature.

Representative Jeffrey Evangelos of House District 49, which includes Friendship, reports that former State Representative Sherman Baird received the highest honors from the Maine House of Representatives.

"Incredibly, Mr. Baird was elected nearly 60 years ago in 1954 and served two terms in the 97th and 98th Maine Legislature from 1955 through 1958. As the Maine Legislature's elder statesman, Sherman received a huge round of applause and accepted a gift of appreciation from the Speaker of the House, Mark Eves. His friendly and warm nature still shines through and we are lucky to have Sherman Baird in Friendship," Evangelos said in a news release.