Owls Head Central School third-grade student Jacob Carroll recently received a perfect score in the spring Noetic Learning Math Contest placing him on the Noetic Learning Math National Honor Roll.

Carroll is also team high scorer. Noetic Learning provides challenging math problems for students in grades two through six. These problems encourage students to think creatively and apply problem-solving skills.

Receiving honorable mention are Addison Castellano, Emily Knutson, Tyler Leonard, Kayla Reardon, and Leah Waterman. Just missing honorable mention is Elias Libby. In preparation for the contest these students met weekly to solve and discuss a variety of challenging math problems.

More than 19,000 students from 368 schools nationwide participated in the contest. During the contest, students were given 45 minutes to solve 20 problems covering a broad range of mathematics skills including computation and number properties, pattern and algebra, geometry and measurement, and probability and statistics.