The School Administrative District 28 and Five Town Community School District budget meetings to approve the school budgets will be Tuesday, May 28 at the Camden Hills Regional High School in the Strom Auditorium.

The SAD 28 will begin at 6 p.m. and the Five Town CSD will begin at 7 p.m. At the budget meeting registered voters of the member towns can vote on each cost center. Articles may be amended up or down by a majority vote.

The budgets approved at the budget meeting will then be voted on in total at the Tuesday, June 11 Referendum held in the respective towns.

The annual report for the SAD28/Five Town CSD including budgets and warrant articles can be found at

On the school ballots at the referendum this year will be the following additional voting article that is required to be placed on the ballot every three years:

Article II:

Do you wish to continue the Budget Validation Referendum process in the (SAD 28 or Five Town CSD) for an additional three years?

A "Yes" vote will require the MSAD28/Five Town CSD to continue to hold both the budget meeting and the budget referendum. The budget meeting is a meeting of the voters to approve the budgeted amounts in each cost center. The budget meeting is held at the Strom Auditorium late May, and typically between 50 and 200 voters turn out for this meeting. The budget amounts approved at the budget meeting will then be approved in total at the public referendum in June. The referendum takes place in each of the member towns and typically between 1,400 and 2,000 voters participate.

A "No" vote will discontinue the budget referendum for at least three years. This means the budget will be finally approved at the budget meeting held at the Strom Auditorium and will not go to vote at the town referendums in June.