Pioneer Grange was called to order May 14 in open session for the annual open house, with Worthy Master Ed Worthly presiding.

Honored guests included Chief Junior Deputy Ruby Parker and Junior Director Laurie McBurnie. Three members from Evening Star Grange, two from Penobscot View Grange, two from St. George, two from Meenahga and 10 from Pioneer Grange were present in addition to eight nonmembers.

There were nine applications for scholarships and winners were Kyle Barbones, Kaitlyn Theberge and Kayleigh Beckwith.

Entertainment was provided by Mildred Melgard on piano and Trish Peek on her mountain dulcimer.

Lorraine Gleason was presented a 65-year certificate and her son Steve Gleason received a 50-year membership certificate.

McBurnie presented Bernadette Barrows the Pioneer Grange 2013 Award for Community Service. Barrows has raised foster children as well as her own large family, all the while helping with girl scouts and several other youth-oriented projects.