A new workshop series — L.E.A.N. Expectations — will soon be available at Pen Bay Medical Center. This series is part of the prenatal education program, Nurture Me, and is available to expectant moms who are maternity patients of the Pen Bay Women’s Health practice. Starting this summer, these supportive classes for pregnant and nursing mothers will offer education, resources and strategies in four areas of health: lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. Research reveals that moms who practice the principles taught have healthier pregnancies and deliver healthier babies.

Nurture Me is supported by a HOMEtowns Partnership Grant, a federal grant project managed by Picker Family Resource Center. Eight staff members from Pen Bay's Women's Health, Birth Center and the Picker Family Resource Center are now certified L.E.A.N. coaches. The classes include how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, how to eat for a healthy weight gain to grow a healthy baby and how to assist a new family off to a good start after baby arrives.

“These workshops are for any woman who wants to turn pregnancy into a healthy new beginning and have the best possible outcome for their baby and themselves,” said Wendelanne Augunas, one of the coaches.

Expectant mothers anticipating giving birth at Pen Bay Medical Center and would like more information about Nurture Me, contact Wendelanne at 596-8955.