Oceanside high School West gym was the scene Friday, May 10 for the telling of the history of the United States Flag at the school’s awards ceremony.

Rockland Elks 1008 President Bill Bachofner and Lodge Youth Activities Director Bill Benner, with a cast of 14 eighth-grade U.S. History students presented the story of the American Flag from 1775 to the present. Each of eight flags known to have represented the country were displayed and paraded before the assembled students and teachers.

Following the entrance of the current US flag, the assembly recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and then listened as Carol Bachofner, Rockland Poet Laureate, read her original poem, “Our Flag,” written on the occasion of Flag Day 2012.

The eight flags in their order of presentation were: the Pine Tree Flag (1775), the Snake Flag — southern colonies (1976-1977), the Continental Colors or the Grand Union (1775), the New Constellation Flag (1777), the Betsy Ross (1776-1811), the War of 1812 Flag (1812), the Star-Spangled Banner (15 stripes & 15 stars) (1814), the Modern Flag (13 stripes & one (1) star for each state in the union) (1818), the 48-star Flag (1912), and the current US Flag (1959). Two subordinate flags were presented; the POW-MIA Flag and the Maine State Flag. Prior to the entry of each flag, a short historical narrative was shared which described the flag as associated with its specific period in U.S. history.

Bachofner reminded the assembly that the Stars and Stripes, “…symbolizing the divine right of all to life, liberty, happiness and peace under endowment by their Creator…is the heritage of the people of the United States and it has been repurchased by each succeeding generation and must be won again, again, and again until the end of time….”

Schools interested in the having the history of the US Flag program presented should contact Rockland Elks 1008 at 594-9200.