Nutritionist John Bagnulo will give a free talk Wednesday, May 22, at 7 p.m. at the Lincolnville Community Library.

Bagnulo has worked as a nutritionist and assistant professor for 16 years and has a practice centered in Belfast. He has taught courses in human metabolism, food and ecology, food and culture, nutrition and disease, and nutrition and cooking. He said he has helped hundreds of patients reverse chronic diseases through a diet of whole foods.

“I believe that whole, minimally processed food, grown the right way, is where it all starts,” said Bagnulo in a news release. “If we miss this concept, if this is not in place, everything else is marginalized.”

“I see a nutritionist as part farmer, part cook and part doctor,” he said. “You have to understand more than just the basics in all of these fields to be able to truly help people.”

Bagnulo has a master’s of public health from the University of North Carolina and a doctorate from the University of Maine.

There will be plenty of time for discussion following the talk and refreshments will be served. The library is located at the corner of Heal Road and Main Street in Lincolnville Center. For more information, email