A search through Camden Herald archives revealed the following:

One year ago, 2012

As Lark Carrier made her way home from Boston she glimpsed a bird flailing about on the center line of Route 1 near Damariscotta. Carrier said she continued on for a few moments before her conscience got the best of her.

"I had to turn around," she explained. "I couldn't just leave [the bird] there."

When Carrier returned she said a truck was pulled over on the side of the road. It was apparent the injured avian was no songbird. Before Carrier and her fellow good Samaritan stood a bird of prey which was later identified as a broad-winged hawk.

This spring, Camden town officials and garden club liaisons were stunned when 20 trees offered through the program sold in 10 days — a program record. Previously the town had only offered 10 or 15 trees, said Camden Garden Club Shade Tree Program chairwoman Dale Bruce. Since the inception of the program hundreds of trees have been planted around Camden, she said.

U.S. Cellular has a new tower in Rockport that will improve cell phone coverage in the town and along Route 1. It is one of more than 350 towers U.S. Cellular has built across the state.

Five years ago, 2008

Camden and the Whitehall Inn played a small part in the engagement last year that preceded this weekend's wedding of the President's daughter. Greg and Sue Marquise, owners of the Whitehall Inn, have confirmed that Jenna Bush and her fiance Henry Hager stayed at the inn during the day before Hager's well-publicized proposal on the slopes of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island.

The owners of the Knox Mill Center say the defunct industrial smokestack that dominates the town from Washington Street will probably have to be torn down, but they hope it can be turned into a climbing facility instead.

The high school's symphonic and concert bands, conducted by Nancy Rowe, recently earned gold awards at the Maine Band Directors Association Festival held in Scarborough. The Camden Hills Concert Band earned 95 out of a possible 100 points, earning it the highest score of the 15 high school bands participating.

10 years ago, 2003

Beer goggles impacting your judgement and ability to see clearly is not just some urban myth — it's reality. Camden Hills Regional High School Resource Officer Kip Bickford wanted teens to know blurred vision is the result of mixing drinking and driving. Bickford used goggles designed to distort people's vision — beer goggles without the beer — to drive his point home. Students drove golf carts wearing special goggles designed to imitate the effects of intoxication.

Arsonist strikes Camden. The State Fire Marshal is investigating four suspected cases of arson. The Collins Street home next to the home of an accused arsonist was set on fire. Two of the four suspicious fires damaged homes. The first fire occurred at the Miller home on Evergreen Land, the second happened at the Crawford's home on Collins Street and fires were also set in the woods on the side of Mount Battie off Mountain Street. Both houses were saved.

One of the town's most treasured gifts needs a gift in return. Mrs. Ephraim Zimbalist (Mary Curtis Bok) gave the town Harbor Park and the Camden Amphitheater; she also gave townspeople their public library. On her 90th birthday in 1966, Zimbalist told the town how to repay her generosity. "If you like the various things I have done or given around here, my reward will come by knowing that you will pick them up and carry them forward as parts of a better and more beautiful community life," she said.

25 years ago, 1988

Camden selectmen will decide whether or not to spend $5,000 for a new engine for the fire department's rescue boat, although they are no closer to an answer this week than they were last month over whether to combine rescue operations and routine harbormaster's chores in one vessel.

The Department of Environmental Protection is investigating a complaint filed by Camden Police Department against Knox Woolen Mill for dumping "polytergent" into Megunticook River and Camden Harbor. Police said they found a night janitor washing out four 50-gallon drums which resulted in a 40-by-50-foot patch of suds in the harbor.

Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail: After many years of slogging through snow and mud, C. Everett Collemer retired from his RFD 2 mail route in Lincolnville. Co-workers marked the occasion with a cake — an envelope in icing that bore wishes for a happy retirement with three cents postage due!

50 years ago, 1963

Director Lawrence Stuart of the Maine State Park Commission announces the appointment of Hollis Arthur McGlauflin of Charlotte, Maine, as Supervisor of the Camden Hills State Park. He will have the unenviable task of taking over a busy park at the busiest season.

Information received from Augusta indicated the Mt. Battie bill (for the road project) had been reported out of appropriations committee with unanimous "ought to pass" recommendation. The first and second readings of the bill took place in the House of Representatives, at which time Rep. Benjamin Turner of Auburn made a motion to indefinitely postpone, which, if acted upon favorably, would have defeated the bill. Instead the house defeated Rep. Turner's motion by a vote of 32 in favor against 89 opposed to indefinitely postpone.

Camden Merchants in an effort to boost local trading have launched an extensive advertising campaign stressing the advantages of Camden as a shopper's haven — free parking, well-stocked quality stores and personalized service being some points. "The Shop Camden — Friday nights and everyday" campaign had 23 participating stores that together offered a $50 cash prize to someone each Friday night for eight weeks. If the person whose ticket was drawn was not present, the $50 was added to the next week's $50.

100 years ago, 1913

In Hope news, There were six salmon and two trout taken from the lake on Sunday.

Camden Opera House. Recognized as Camden's Amusement Center. It is human nature. Nearly everyone is looking to get "something for nothing," or in other words, full value for their money. In the amusement line it is likewise. Therefore, all lovers of high class, elevating picture plays are given the opportunity to witness two hours of solid fun, recreation and instruction at this theatre, all for the small admission fee of ten cents.

In Business Locals; Lawn Mowers, $2.50 each, usually $4. George H. Cleveland.