Six teams battled on stage May 1 to prove their expertise of history and current events in the quiz show, "So You Think You Know Rockland."

FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars took home the coveted custom-made trophy for the second time. They defeated Will's Warriors by a slim 8-7 score.

A cheering section of approximately 125 community members gathered at The Strand Theatre for the event.

The six teams competing included returning champion Rockland Rotary against Rockland Kiwanis, Rockland Fire Department versus FIORE, and Mayor Will Clayton's team of Will's Warriors against Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Each team was asked 10 questions per round, with the opposing team having the opportunity to steal a point upon an incorrect answer. There was no phoning a friend or polling the audience, although the audience did gain a few points and pointers.

Not all the answers were "made of marble" or "Louise Nevelson" or "on Main Street."

The first round, sponsored by The Free Press, saw Will's Warriors defeat the Chamber of Commerce by a score of 11-9. One question stumping Will's Warriors was "There are five routes in Rockland, what are their numbers?" The chamber stole the point with a correct answer of Route 1, 1A, 17, 73 and 90.

The second round, sponsored by the North Atlantic Blues Festival, saw FIORE outplay the fire department 10-5. Stumping the fire department was the question "How much does the mayor get paid per year?" The answer was $1,000.

One question that had everyone guessing was "She grew up on the South End in the early 1900s. She changed her name to Maxine, and built a theater in New York City. What was her real name in Rockland?"

The answer is: Jessie Dumont.

Round three, sponsored by Horch Roofing, was a tight race with the Kiwanis outsmarting the Rotary 9-8. "What is the mil rate for Rockland taxpayer?" Answering the question was Mayor Clayton after neither team could answer, "19.4". Unfortunately, the Warriors were not given a point.

This round included a partial audience singalong — "giddy up, giddy up" — as Team Rotary tried to figure out where a particular house addressed "409" was located.

In the championship round, it was tied 4-4 after FIORE stole four points from Will's Warriors. It was all tied up 7-7 with one question left when Team Main Street correctly answered 1904 to the question "What year was the original part of the public library opened?"

One stumper for both teams was "What's the mileage of all Rockland roads, within five miles?" FIORE guessed 595. Will's Warriors guess was 40. The actual answer was 59.

Kinney Rentals sponsored the championship round.

FIORE accepted the custom-made trophy, created by Captain Ken Barnes. The coveted award encompasses all facets of Rockland culture and includes ship building, fishing, and limestone. The victor's team name will be engraved on it for posterity sake.

This is the third year of the quiz show and all proceeds benefit Rockland Main Street, Inc., a nonprofit organization "working to keep downtown the heart of the community". The event sponsor was Breakwater Vineyards.

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