As April’s cold and showery days come to a close we embrace the coming days of May. Maine’s weather is not always to be desired except perhaps for the warm days and cool nights of May. The peepers are out, the woodcock are performing their courting song and flights, the bulbs are bursting through the ground at the Dyer house, Peter and Sarah’s and too many others to list, and the grass is growing like a weed. Americans love their lawns and May is just the month to give them what they want; a sea of lush fast growing grass. Nowhere is this plant more desired then at a golf course and it just so happens that North Haven is home to the North Haven Golf Club.

A short walk from the ferry landing lays one of Maine’s most beautiful nine hole golf courses. The North Haven Golf Club operates as a semi-private course that is open to the public for day use membership. The day use fees are $65 to play for the day and $20 per nine holes for the cart rental. A few of the great features of the North Haven course include walking distance to the ferry, spectacular views of eastern Penobscot Bay, views of spark plug lighthouse, no tee times and an over water tee on the sixth hole. After seeing the sixth hole tee, it becomes clear why it was once featured in Sports Illustrated while highlighting Maine’s golf courses. Despite being within walking distance to the ferry landing it may be just as easy to stay at Nebo Lodge that way one could get as much out of the day use fee as possible.

On May 1 the Inn at Nebo Lodge opened for the 2013 season. The inn offers nine rooms at varying prices depending on the time of year. Nebo Lodge will be opening May 3 for those interested in fine dining and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Nebo has received a lot of recognition over the past few years for its inn, food, drinks and Chef Amanda Hallowell. This season is no exception as Bon Appétit names Nebo Lodge number five out of 10 best food lover’s hotels in America. Supper at Nebo can be enjoyed by anyone with a desire for excellent local food on any given Friday and Saturday in May and June. There will also be a Mother’s Day brunch Sunday, May 12. While the restaurants schedule changes to Mondays to Saturdays for July and August, Nebo also offers Equinox trips from Rockland to North Haven every Saturday in June and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in July and August. There will also be four Barn suppers planned throughout July and August. To find out more details about Nebo’s schedule and events you can call Nebo at: 867-2007 or email

As the good weather makes its way into our life it is difficult to think back to the short cold days of January but it was during those wintery days and the many that followed that Prock Marine started on the rebuilding of Beach Bridge, i.e. second bridge. The rebuilding of second bridge was a greatly debated topic with many forums, votes, inflated and deflated numbers that North Haven’s residents would be responsible for. As May moves along so do Prock and its Friday, May 31 deadline will undoubtedly be met allowing North Haven’s cruisers access to that temporarily lost section of road. In less than five months North Haven will be the proud owners of a new $1.5 million bridge with a final cost of roughly $750,000 to North Haven taxpayers. Despite the disputed costs and methods of building (I wanted to see the National Guard blow it up in a war game then rebuild it for free) one cannot deny that Prock have been at it night and day to meet its deadline.

As we trudge on through the workdays of May I hope and encourage the citizens of North Haven to get out on Sunday, May 5 and join the Rec. Council for its annual island clean up. Every spring the Rec. Council provides a cookout for volunteers who take to the 30 miles of road to pick up trash and returnables. People are meeting at the YMCA parking lot at 1 p.m. to break off into groups and eventually end up at Mullens Head Park for a 4 p.m. cookout at the least windy beach of the day. Cleaning the island is a great way to get some exercise, eat free food, and see what malt beverage company was a hit over the winter. It is only three hours which leaves plenty of time to play golf, mow the lawn or get ready for an outing with friends at the Neebs.