Partners for Enrichment sponsored an Authors' Day for students in School Union 69 on April 30.

Students in kindergarten through second-grade were treated to a puppet show by Nancy Tyndall of Milkweed Puppet Theater. Students in third- through fifth-grade met and asked questions of Lynn Plourde, the author of the graphic novel "Lost Trail" based on the Donn Fendler book "Lost on a Mountain in Maine." Sixth- through eighth-grade students listened to Ben Bishop, the illustrator of "Lost Trail," speak about being a graphic artist.

Tyndall uses handcrafted puppets to tell old stories in new ways. Students were able to play the role of puppeteers and act out the story of "The Lion and the Mouse."

Plourde is an accomplished picture book author whose other works include "Wild Child" and "Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud" — Maine vernacular for road. She is uses her experience as a speech therapist to create rhythm and rhymes that are enjoyable to children.

A successful graphic novelist in his own right, Bishop was not only the illustrator for Plourde's graphic novel but is also a freelance artist for Marvel comics. Bishop shared with students he has drawn Spiderman, X-Men and The Avengers.

The trio began the day at Hope Elementary School, then traveled to Appleton Village School and finished the Midcoast tour at Lincolnville Central School.