It was a bright sunny day April 27 at the Wiscasset Speedway. Race fans came out in force to enjoy the beautiful weather and cheer for their favorite drivers. On the schedule was the division two racing group which included: Outlaw Minis, Mini Trucks, Late Model Sportsman and Strictly Streets. The flex event of the week was a 100-lap Enduro race.

When the Late Model Sportsmen came onto the track, there was plenty of action in the 35-lap feature. Bryan Robbins took the pole and found himself in an immediate battle to retain his position. Right behind him was Darin Ripley and Steve Reno. During heavy racing, Ripley watched for an opportunity to pass Robbins. During lap seven, Ripley's chance came when Robbins got loose on turn four. Ripley roared beside Robbins and passed on the outside to take the lead. Reno slipped to third and found himself holding off T.J. Watson.

Watson, proving a force on the field, overtook Reno in lap 23, and continued to make his way up the track. With four laps to go, Watson pulled ahead of Robbins in turn four. Watson went loose, but managed to pull it together for the outside pass to take second. Robbins placed third.

Ripley, who had said he “hoped to get a top-three win,” placed first. After the race, Watson commented in the winner’s circle that “I’m happy with it, but second place is getting old.” Watson has placed second in each Late Model Sportsman race at Wiscasset this year.

Nate Trippet started in the pole position for the 20-lap Outlaw Mini Feature. On his tail was George Fortin, winner of the last Outlaw Mini race. The pair dueled for first from the start. Fortin pressed ahead on the back stretch only to be passed by Trippet again. The two dogged each other until lap two. Trippet faltered on turn three, and Fortin zipped by and claimed the lead. Matt Moore and Jimmy Childs raced for third. Childs, who had said prior to the race he hoped for a top finish, was able to overtake Moore on turn two for third place midway through the race. The final finish was Fortin in first, Trippet second and Childs third.

Also on the roster was the Mini Truck feature. Kristopher Knox was in the pole slot. Jeff Schmidtt made a bid for first. Knox was quick to pull away and was able to maintain a commanding lead throughout the race. Coming up from behind was Ryan Farrar and Kevin Oliver. During lap two, Farrar scraped by Oliver in turn four on the inside for third position. Farrar managed to keep the spot for the course of the race, and placed third. Schmidtt placed second. Knox took first.

Knox said, in the winner’s circle, “I have a blast here every time I show up.” Knox was the winner in the last Mini Truck race at Wiscasset, making this his second first-place finish of the season.

The spotlighted feature of the week was the Strictly Street 30-lap event. On the pole Corey Morgan. Morgan surged ahead, and despite a hungry pack of cars trying to overtake him, he managed to hold onto his lead, and ultimately took first. It was Morgan’s second Strictly Street race at Wiscasset this year, placing second in the last Strictly Street event.

Chasing close behind Morgan was No. 5, Guy Childs. Childs, a prior first place winner in Strictly Streets, was worried about the race. He said before racing action began that he was, “thinking it was going to be a good day, but my flywheel has lost two teeth, and it might not be so good.” Childs was able to hold onto second place, despite car trouble. Starting from the back of the pack was Tasha Dyer in the No. 32. During the heat to determine pole position, Dyer’s car took some damage when she was knocked off the track. She was able to get it patched up in time for the feature. Dyer wove up the track and eventually, with only three laps remaining, managed in turn one to pass car No. 39 driven by Jerry Freve, who finished fourth. Dyer was the 2012 Champion in the Ladies Division at Oxford Plains Speedway. Final result was Morgan in first, Childs in second, and Dyer rounding out the top three.

Finishing the day was a 100-lap Enduro race. Fourteen cars took to the track determined to be the winner. Early on, Ryan Chadwick led the race. He was followed by Randy Henderson and Amon Morse. Morse had engine trouble during lap 58, and he headed to the pits, forcing him from contention.

During lap 60, Henderson got a flat. He made it back onto the track, but was not able to recover his position. Moving up to second was Josh Bailey. Lap 80 brought problems as Chadwick lost his entire right front tire on turn four and went off the track. Bailey moved to first. Jeff Davis moved to second and Jacob Gagnon to third.

The individual results from April 27 racing included:

Strictly Street (30 laps) — 1. Corey Morgan, Lewiston; 2.Guy Childs Sr., Turner; 3. Tasha Dyer, Arrowsic; 4. Jerry Freve, Buckfield; 5. Chuck Grey, Wiscasset; 6. Zac Poland, Woolwich; 7. Phil Main, Boothbay; and 8. Thomas Smith, Boothbay

Late Model Sportsman (35 laps) — 1. Darin Ripley, Appleton; 2. T.J. Watson, Cundy’s Harbor; 3. Bryan Robbins, Montville; 4. Steve Reno, West Bath; 5. Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset; 6. Nick Reno, West Bath; 7. Doug Coombs, Livermore; 8. Steve Minott, Windham; 9. Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 10. Ed Tyler, Farmington; 11. Alex Waltz, Walpole; and 12. Tyler Robbins, Montville

Mini Trucks (15 laps) — 1. Kristopher Knox, Sanford; 2. Jeff Schmidtt, Mechanic Falls; 3. Ryan Farrar, Sumner; and 4.  Kevin Oliver, town unavailable.

Outlaw Mini (20 laps) — 1. George Fortin, Greene; 2. Nate Trippet, town unavailable; 3. Jimmy Childs, Leeds; 4. Matt Moore, Mechanic Falls; 5. Greg Cummings, Augusta; and 6. Ozzie Cummings, Vassalboro.

4 Cylinder Enduro  (100 laps) — 1. Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 2. Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 3. Jacob Gagnon, Wiscasset; 4. Randy Henderson, West Paris; 5. Cody Verrill , Woolwich; 6. Brent Freve, Lewiston; 7. Don Peavey, Woolwich; 8. Ryan Chadwick, Wiscasset; 9. Phil Main Jr., Trevett; 10. Amon Morse, Northport; 11. Chris Sweeney, West Bath; 12. Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset; 13. Shawn Rines, Wiscasset; and 14. Chris Brawn, Wiscasset.

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway. Courier Publications sports staff can be reached at 207-594-4401 or by email at