A car that ended up in a Rockport quarry after an April 13 crash was removed with no issues the morning of April 25.

The 2002 Chevrolet Malibu submerged in 108-feet of water in Eells Quarry on South Main Street was recovered by Fields Dive Service and was lifted to the surface with the help of Art Henry’s Crane Service. The section of South Main Street in Rockport from Simonton Corner to Hosmer Pond Road in Camden was closed to traffic for two-and-a-half hours, while salvage crews raised the late-model sedan.

“It was a pretty easy one as far as recoveries go,” said Dallas Fields of Fields Dive Service. “The car was in about 100 feet of water and with the driver's side kind of sunk in the mud.”

For divers, things start to get tricky the deeper they have to go, he noted.

“You start to get deeper than what we had today, then we have to start mixing our air tanks with gas and the recover process takes longer,” Fields said.

According to Fields, visibility was excellent until a depth about 90-feet then it got worse the final 15-feet.

Fields and diver Wes Greenrose spent approximately 25 minutes under water securing a cable from Art Henry’s 70-ton crane through the driver and passenger side windows to allow the car to be lifted to the surface and onto the roadway. Once settled on the road, Steve Laite from Camden Exxon loaded it onto his ramp truck and delivered it to his station to be impounded.

Jeremy Greenman from Maine Department of Environmental Protection was present to monitor the recovery and said minimal environmental impact to the water table in the area is expected. The only real clean-up involved removal of the sheen of petroleum products on the surface of the water, he said. The expected cost of the clean-up will be “significantly less” than the original estimate of $20,000 to $30,000 according to Greenman. Environmental clean-up costs will be billed to the insurance of the registered owner of the vehicle, a male relative of the driver.

According to Rockport Police, Christan Marston, 22, of Appleton was the single occupant of the car when it went into the quarry. She was not injured in the crash and escaped by climbing out of the car and swimming to shore before the vehicle sank, police said.

Marston did not report the accident to police until the following day and she was then summoned for leaving the scene of an accident and not reporting it by the quickest means possible, according to police.

The crash remains under investigation by Rockport Police.

Camden Herald reporter Dwight Collins can be reached at 236-8511 or dcollins@courierpubilcationsllc.com.