The rest of the story

Last week we reported Ice-Out date on Washington Pond. Indeed, the date was Monday, April 8, but I failed to include the winner! Fittingly, a member of the Hill & Gully Riders Snowmobile Club, which was so cooperative and helpful with the contest, won the $50 prize. Ron Moore, a longtime member of Hill & Gully Riders, had the sole entry for April 8. Ron says his choice was a complete guess but he was influenced by the warm-ish weather we were having back on Feb. 26 when the guesses were made. The ice-out contest was sponsored by the Washington Lakes Watershed Association to encourage observation of the lake and assist with record keeping by the state and the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program which is tracking ice-out and ice-in dates on Maine lakes. The amount of time lakes are open or ice-covered has effects on the plants and critters which live in and around each water body, making these times an important part of good management considerations. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Electronic waste collection this Saturday

Medomak Valley High School National Honor Society and Rockland Rotary Club are working together on the second annual electronic waste collection this Saturday, April 27, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the MVHS parking lot. Here’s an opportunity to safely and responsibly dispose of all that old or broken equipment while benefiting the honor society, one of the Rockland Rotary charities. Steve Ocean reports that last year about 18,000 pounds electronic waste was collected and the group hopes to get even more this year. This is a free service but, of course, donations will be gratefully accepted.

Owls, and hawks, and vultures, oh my

Naturalist, wildlife educator and falconer Barbara Tomlinson will be at Gibbs Library Saturday evening, April 27, presenting a free program on raptors — birds that hunt from the air such as eagles, hawks, and buzzards. Tomlinson operates Wild Haven in Rockport and will bring some of her non-releasable birds with her for the evening. This presentation is entertaining and educational for all ages. The program starts at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, the 27th and is free.

Yard sale with baked goods May 4

What could be better than that? One of the earliest in the yard sale season, the Washington Ladies’ Guild’s annual yard sale will take place Saturday, May 4, at the home of Don B. Grinnell, 232 Rockland Road. The sale will begin at 8 a.m. — no early birds, please — and go until everything is sold or the ladies call it quits. (Usually, it runs until early afternoon.) There will be a selection of unique items along with a tasty array of baked goods. Those go fast, so be warned. The profits from these sales along with proceeds from the Strawberry Festival are distributed among the non-profit organizations in town. This is a great activity and the Ladies’ Guild appreciates your support. It’s not supposed to rain that day, but if it does, the rain date is May 11. Check it out.

Olympiad team wants items for swap

The Swap Meet, part of the National Science Olympiad Tournament to be held in Dayton, Ohio next month, is a get-to-know-each-other event. Donated items from the students’ home areas are swapped with other contestants, providing a fun activity and memorabilia to bring home. If you or your business might donate 14 (one for each student on the team) or more non-perishable items that have a local logo and are appropriate for adolescents to exchange, please contact Mindy Gould at 845-2151 or

Our Medomak Middle School Science Olympiad Team is going strong with numerous fundraising projects to ensure their trip to Dayton, Ohio for the national tournament. The group is doing bake sales, a car wash, a dance, a concession table at the MVHS Car Show Sunday, May 5, and have probably come up with more events by now. We wish them success at every step of the way.

Library sale soliciting donations

Organizers of Gibbs Library’s annual Giant Yard and Plant Sale are hoping to gather more items for this major event of their year. Donated items should be in good working condition, clean, and presentable. No clothing is accepted. Volunteers will pick up your items if you can’t drop them off. Volunteers will also come to your home to lift perennial plants for the sale as long as the homeowner is present. Here’s a great chance to do something with those too good to throw away but no longer wanted items. For information on donating, pick-ups, or any questions, contact Beth Connor (845-2611) and Rhonda Hamilton (485-3604) who are heading up the yard sale or Amy Micklich (401-578-8348) and Peg Hobbs (845-2900) who are in charge of the perennial plant sale.

Hill & Gully Riders in summer mode

Last week Hill & Gully Riders Snowmobile Club held its final meeting of the 2012-2013 season. Election of officers was postponed. The group concentrated on planning for trail work and land owner contacts that must be done over the summer each year. Members have gotten most of the signage collected and their machines summer-ized. Hill & Gully Riders thank all the land owners who make their 41-mile trail system possible, the members who groom and maintain the trails, the sponsors, and all the sledders who are definitely hoping for a better winter 2014.

Keeping us safe and sane

Commentators, in a rare display of rationality it seems to me, reined themselves in time after time during their reporting of the bombings at the Boston Marathon last week. With unusual restraint they carefully avoided speculation and repeatedly emphasized that they “just didn’t know” exactly what was going on. I’d like to express gratitude that sanity prevailed. This is a good time, too, to mention that all emergency management has come a long way from bucket brigades of the past. From the top right on down to our local firefighters and EMTs, continuous training and practice is part of the job. Here in our little town, our firefighters are volunteers, yet they take part in regular instruction and readiness drills locally as well as in cooperation with Knox County Emergency Management. We appreciate and salute you all.