Fans and racers gathered for another week of racing action Saturday, April 20 at Wiscasset Speedway. The itinerary for the group one division of racing included Super Stock, Pro Stock, New England 4-cylinder Pro Stock, Thunder 4s and the flex race of the week, Wicked Good Vintage Racers.

Up first was the 25-lap Super Stock race. Corey Morgan of Lewiston took the pole position. Morgan led early, but Adam Chadbourne of Woolwich squeezed by and took the lead. A battle ensued between Morgan and James Osmond of Wiscasset. Osmond held second place, but with seven laps to go, Morgan slid in and took the position away. Chadbourne took the win, Morgan placed second and Osmond third.

Wicked Good Vintage Racers were the flex race of the week. Brian Hughes of Otisfield, started at the point in the 20-lap event. Hot on his heels was Kevin Waterhouse of West Paris. Waterhouse was quick to pass Hughes with Wally Henderson of Litchfield dogging close behind. A bump on the track, between Waterhouse and Henderson, caused a shift in race leaders. Henderson took first, Bona Guyon of Winthrop second and Paul Pierce of Lincolnville, third. The three hugged together and raced for the wire. Pierce overtook Guyon, with Henderson looming behind. In the scramble, Guyon retook the lead, to win. Pierce placed second and Henderson rounded out the top three.

Ryan Ripley of Waldoboro was in the pole position in the Thunder 4s feature. Ripley surged ahead early, leaving the pack to race behind him through the 15-lap feature. Kevin Sherman of Wiscasset took second behind Ripley, making bids to pass. A fight for third was between Derek Cairns of Waterford, Mike Dulaney of Richmond and Cody Robbins of Montville. With nine laps remaining, Leandra Martin of Richmond left the track. This was the one and only caution of the race. After the caution, Sherman dropped back and eventually left the track with car trouble. A race for second between Robbins, Dulaney, and Cairns ensued. Ripley roared across the line first, Robbins placed second and Dulaney third.

The next feature was Pro Stock racing. Chris Thorne of Sydney took the pole position and led the action on the track. Jeff Burgess of Oakland was able to overtake Thorne in lap eight for the lead. Trailing behind the pair was Jay Sands of Hampton, N.H. Halfway through the 30-lap feature, John RIdeout of Washington lost control and went round. A caution was called. After the caution, Burgess and Thorne battled for first. Burgess pulled away and ultimately took the win. It was Burgess’ second win at Wiscasset this season in the division. Thorne took second and Sands rounded out the top three.

The highlighted feature of the week was the 30-lap New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock race. Dave Pattern of Westbrook started at the pole. His lead did not last as Kevin Sherman of Wiscasset quickly took over during lap one. Tim Jeski of Drakut, Mass. held off Jeff Prindall of Lisbon Falls for second. Mike Swett of Farmingdale was in forth and looked to pass. Racing in a pack, race leaders changed rapidly. Twelve laps in Swett suddenly lost control. The first caution was called.

When action resumed, Sherman was in the lead; however, Jeski stole it, then promptly lost the position back to Sherman. From the back of the pack, Swett wove his way up and made a bid to pass Patten. With 11 laps remaining, Sherman and Jeski scraped. A second caution was thrown. Both moved to the back, which brought Dave Pattern back to the lead. Bob Pattern of Westbrook moved to second and Craig Dum to third.

In a hotly -ontested race the cars thundered around the track. Sherman worked his way up through the pack and eventually took second position behind Patten in first. Jeski and Swett were close behind. With only six laps to go, Jeski lost it and went off the track. The third and final caution of the race went out. When the pace car left the track, Patten raced with Sherman for the lead. Sherman pulled ahead and overtook Patten for the win. Swett followed the pair in the feature  Patten was later disqualified, bringing Travis Dunbar of Lisbon into third at the finish.

Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing Saturday, April 27 with its group two lineup of divisions: Strictly Street, Mini Trucks, Outlaw Mini, Late Model Sportsman and the flex race of the week will be a 100-lap Enduro feature.

Pit gates open at 8 a.m. Grandstand gates open at 11 a.m. Racing begins at 1 p.m.

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The official individual results from April 20 racingwere:

Super Stocks — 1, Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich; 2, Corey Morgan, Lewiston; 3, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 4, Guy Childs Sr., Turner; 5, Nate Yeaton, Woolwich; and 6, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset.

Wicked Good Vintage Racers — 1, Bona Guyon, Winthrop; 2, Paul Pierce, Lincolnville; 3, Wally Henderson, Litchfield; 4, John Rice, Bristol; 5, Scott Tucker, Winthrop; 6, Dennis Fish, Livermore; 7, Kevin Waterhouse, West Paris; 8, Keith Smalley, Warren; 9, Brian Hughes, Otisfield; and 10, Mark Thurlow, Lincolnville.

Thunder 4s — 1, Ryan Ripley, Waldoboro; 2, Cody Robbins, Montville; 3, Mike Dulaney, Richmond; 4, Derek Cairns, Waterford; 5, Leandra Martin, Richmond; 6, Ed Smith, no town available; 7, Jarard Cooly, no town available; 8, Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset; and 9, Austin Averill, Sabattus.

Pro Stock — 1, Jeff Burgess, Oakland; 2, Chris Thorne, Sidney; 3, Jay Sands, Hampton, N.H; 4, Bill Penfold, Yarmouth; 5, John Rideout, Washington; and 6, Corey Walker, New Vinyard.

N.E. 4-Cylinder Pro Stocks (Unofficial) — 1, Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset; 2, Mike Swett, Farmingdale; 3, Travis Dunbar, Lisbon; 4, Bob Patten, Westbrook; 5, Tim Jeski, Drakut, Mass.; 6, Craig Dum, no town available; 7, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; and 8, Dave Patten, Westbrook (disqualified).

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