Gloomy skies, heavy rain and wind did not keep the 46 runners and their 26 canine friends from turning out for the third annual Youthlinks Run-A-Hound 5-Kilometer Road Race Saturday morning, April 20 on Broadway near Oceanside East High School.

Eric Morse of Berlin, Vt. and his canine, Murdock, were the top finishers of the with-dog class and the race overall with a time of 17 minutes and 17 seconds over the 3.1-mile course. Darren Winchenbach of Waldoboro was the first dogless class finisher in 19:29.

Barb Daggett of Thomaston with her canine, Samantha, were the first female finishers in the with-dog class in 24:38. Daggett and her pup also were the top female finishers overall.

Allison Leonard of Rockland was the first female finisher in the dogless class in 25:37.

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A moment of silence was held prior to the race in memory of those who died and the people injured in the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon April 15.

The fundraising event, which raised about $840, benefited Youthlinks' free afterschool programs. Youthlinks is a program of Broadreach Family & Community Services located in Rockland that provides youth with community service, leadership and enrichment opportunities.

The programs help youth learn skills, build self-esteem, cultivate social responsibility, develop leadership abilities and connect to their peers, to adult mentors, and to their communities. Youthlinks is funded primarily by state grants and the donations of individuals, businesses and foundations.

"Despite the pouring rain the runners and dogs seemed to be in good spirits and were excited to be here," said Joelle Albury, operations manager of Youthlinks. "We were pleased with the turnout. There were 46 runners and 23 dogs. The dogs were a wide range of sizes and breeds from terrier to Newfoundland."

Of note, Dayton Dinsmore, 11, of South Thomaston finished in third in the men's runners dogless class at 26:38.

The Camden Hospital for Animals and Loyal Biscuit sponsored this year's event and provided the finisher prize package for the top runner and dog pair. Both sponsors were present at the race and gave out goodies bags to the race participants. Heidi Vanorse Neal of Loyal Biscuit ran the race with her dog, Izzy. Patti Tempio-Wilson of Camden Hospital for Animals ran with her dog, Bacci.

The Run-A-Hound 5K benefits the programs of Youthlinks, a program of Broadreach Family & Community Services, which serves more 500 Midcoast youth a year through quality after-school enrichment programs and summer camps.

For more information, go online to or call 207-594-2221.

The individual race results for the with-dog class, with a runners place, name, pet's name, residence (when available) and time listed, were: 1, Morse and Murdock, Berlin, Vt., 17:17; 2, Daggett and Samantha, Thomaston, 24:38; 3, Joe Patten and Henry, Rockland, 25:16; 4, Amy Morgan and Bart, Rockland, 25:46; 5, Jessica Fossett and Sophie, Rockport, 29:15; 6, Wendy Hart and Jacque, Rockport, 31:49; 7, Jody Dinsmore and Toby, South Thomaston, 32:22; 8, Christopher Wilson and Bacci, Hope, 33:22; 9, Patti Tempio-Wilson and Bacci, Hope, 33:25; 10, Heidi Neal and Izzy, Rockland, 33:50; 11, Delisa Morong and Remington, Camden, 34:9; 12, Melissa Marshall and Jack, Hope, 34:50; 13, Jodie Hart and Aristotle, Rockport, 35:40; 14, Skip Bracy and Marcia, Tenants Harbor, 36:53; 15, Naomi Crocitto and Zoe, Warren, 39:40; 16, Sue Ferra and Jackson, Tenants Harbor, 43:2; 17, Tammy Kolmosky and Gaige, Rockport, Lisa Sojka and Onyx, Rockport, 45:21, and Kathy Pierce and KC, Rockland, 45:21; 20, Samantha Ferra and Ellie Mae, Rockland, 47:0; 21, Leanna Spear and Zombie, Camden, Holly Sherburne and Bob, Warren, and Pete Cells and Izzy, Warren, 51:24.

The individual race results for the dogless class, with a runner's place, name, residence (when available) and time listed, were: 1, Winchenbach, Waldoboro, 19:29; 2, Ron Haney, Warren, 24:34 (Haney ran with a dog but was listed with these results); 3, Leonard, Rockland, 25:37; 4, Dinsmore, South Thomaston, 26:38; 5, Jeffrey Thibodeau, Rockland, 26:55; 6, Claire Duport, Bath, 27:55; 7, Ellen Spring, Thomaston, 28:55; 8, Anne Mahle, Rockland, 30:50; 9, Jade Fleury, 31:13; 10, Marie Finnegan, Thomaston, 34:33; 11, Logan Violette, Old Town, 34:59; 12, Anna Miller, Camden, 35:11; 13, Jennifer Chiarell, Old Town, 36:59; 14, Liam Bracy, Tenants Harbor, 38:56; 15, Miles Bracy, Tenants Harbor, 38:2; 16, Trina Johnson, 39:55; 17, Wendy Wood, 41:6; 18, Curtis Griffin, 42:55; 19, Catie McDonald, 42:57; 20, Lindsey Pinkham, Warren, 46:53; 21, Necole Janczura, Thomaston, 46:53; 22, Jacob Carroll, Owls Head, 47:30; and 23, Travis Violette, Old Town, 48:40.

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