Rockport voters will address a number of ballot questions in June, ranging from land use ordinances to zoning changes, in addition to school and municipal budgets.

Rockport Select Board members met April 16 at Rockport Opera House for a public hearing on articles three through nine of the June 2013 annual town meeting warrant.

The six articles pertain to the proposed changes to the town’s land use ordinances. Changes in town ordinance include definitions, general performance standards, districts and high elevation performance standards. All of the proposed revisions were approved by a unanimous vote.

Additionally, sections on building materials, signs and advertising and site plan review were proposed as one article. Discussion among the board resulted in the removal of the section on building materials from the article. The board accepted the other two revisions.

Changes in the Rockport Zoning Map were also approved to reclassify zoning districts for a portion of the Route 1 corridor adjacent to Camden. The revision also asked for an increase in building footprint size from 6,000-square feet to 10,000-square feet in the same area.

School budget meetings for Five Town Community School District and School Administrative District 28 were approved and set for Tuesday, May 28, at Camden Hills Regional High School in the Strom Auditorium. The SAD 28 meeting is at 6 p.m. followed by the CSD meeting at 7 p.m. Also approved was the referendum to send the budget to the voters in Rockport.

The select board approved the dates and times for the annual town meeting and the verbiage of the first paragraph of the annual town report. The town meeting vote on articles 1-9 will take place Tuesday, June 20, at Rockport Town Office from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The meeting will then be adjourned and will reopen Wednesday, June 21, at Rockport Opera House at 7 p.m. to act on the remaining articles on the warrant.

In other business, select board members Geoff Parker and Ken McKinley accepted appointments to serve on the Emergency Medical Services review board. The EMS review board includes two representatives from each of the four towns currently covered by Camden First Aid Association to look into EMS coverage options. While McKinley was not present at the meeting, Parker called him to measure his interest. After the brief phone conversation, both McKinley and Parker were appointed to the review board.

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